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Plant Spirit Medicine ~ Personal Retreats

During the summer, I was graced with a mother and her teenage daughter who came for a short retreat and an immersion in flower essence therapy, a version of plant spirit medicine. The mom had come for a get away earlier this year in the cold winter month of February and was embraced by the quiet surroundings, nurturing hands-on healing and intuitive counseling services. She returned in mid summer with her daughter for a few days. They chose a mid week experience that included relaxing walks in the woods, a delightfully refreshing swim in the nearby swimming hole, and an afternoon immersion of flower essence creation.

During her first visit here, the mom returned home with not only a custom flower essence for herself but customized formulas for each member of her family. She decided to bring her daughter to Natures Gate for a fun get away and the opportunity to learn more about flower essences.

One of the benefits of choosing a flower essence immersion is to have a hands on experience of how to make to make a flower essence and a customized formula. The process brings you closer to the nature spirits and become more connected to your own healing process.

During the essence making process,you learn how to communicate with the deva (overnighting spirit) of the flower. Creating that bond is a priceless experience that helps awaken your own healing abilities. Once you have met a plant spirit, an intimate bond is created that is priceless!

When I work with my clients to create a custom combination, the flower essences from my apothecary "volunteer". I have an intimate connection with the plant spirits that is created when they are made. During an in person custom formula, we begin by looking over the descriptions of each of the individual formulas and take note of the ones that address the type of healing you are seeking. The next step is to explore other essences that will enhance your formula. During this intuitive consultation process, I am able to read into the core cause of traumas and blockages and advise specific essences will assist in meeting your goals.

Sometimes, as in the example of the teenage daughter this summer, an "archetypical" essence might make its presence known. Often I will hear their voice say "I can help!"

This type of experience creates a very special bond with the plant spirit and opens an extended healing opportunity throughout your life. This is similar to having an animal spirit or a totem. It is always a true blessing when this occurs!

The true nature of plant spirit medicine comes from these types of intimate connections. I have found that it is not even necessary to be in physical contact with the plant if you attuned to its essential nature (it's essence). Once you have established a bond with the plant spirit / deva, you have the opportunity to reconnect when needed. This is one of the most rewarding ways to be in relationship with Nature and to receive healing from our Earth Mother.

It is my honor to offer this gift to you in this intimate setting at Natures Gate where so much magic happens!

Open to the Magic!
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Oct 23, 2021

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