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             Retreats At
The Sanctuary at Nature's Gate

Unplug, renew, be inspired. Find deep peace within the silence and aliveness of the nature spirits. 


The Sanctuary at Natures Gate offers the perfect setting for individual or group retreats.  

We offer  our own services as well as HOST events for groups.


Our 80 acres of open rolling lawns, meandering streams, ponds, and lovely groomed trails, offer an ideal setting to unplug, unwind, relax, and renew. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and receive personalized healing and angelic counseling sessions under the expert guidance offered by Elandara.  You will be divinely supported the moment you arrive. The feeling of "being home" greets you and a lovely peace surrounds all who come to this land.


During a retreat, Immersion with the nature spirits throughout the property is inherent here. The moment you arrive you are surrounded with the feeling of being  "welcomed home!"  Your time on the land offers many experiences in the forest on the beautifully groomed trails and in the Sanctuary Sacred Sites.  You are invited to find your personal sit spot and open up to receive.


Optional adventures off the property can be arranged to explore the exciting opportunities in the surrounding area such as kayaking, swimming in the Battenkill, hiking at Mount Equinox and Merck Forest, mineral baths at Putnam Spa, horseback riding at Olde Saratoga Farm, steamboat rides on Lake George and MORE!


Elandara offers intimate  Personal retreats. These are tailored to meet your goals. 

Prior to coming, you will have a preliminary phone consultation with Elandara to determine the right combination of spa services, nature immersion, and free time.  Services may include private consultations with Elandara beginning with a flower essence consultation and hands-on healing sessions. You will receive a custom essence blend tailored to your healing and soul development needs which will offer support throughout your retreat. Soul development work includes journaling, art, walking contemplation, meditation, and movement. You will be guided and supported throughout your stay.

If you are interested in finding an intimate location to host your own retreat or immersion in nature, Elandara will work with you to help create a supportive environment.

Spa Services by Elandara


      Hands-on angelic healing work can encompass many areas, and Elandara works with the spiritual realms to assist you in having an optimum retreat experience. 


      Intuitive consultations, Energy clearing and realignment, Cranial Sacral and Somato Emotional Release therapy, guided meditation, transformational movement, and art. 


    Healings are directed to release long-held emotions and traumas at their initial inception and reconnect you with your Original Perfection, aligned with your highest purpose. When an injury and or trauma is not released your body continues to hold that wounding in the tissues. Elandara works with you to transmute old wounding from this and other lifetimes. 

For More Details, go to Healing Arts & Products

We are meant to live an abundant life filled with Joy, Love, Abundance and Beauty!

It is TIME to fully embody WHO WE ARE!

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