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Weddings, Blessings and more....


Elandara is an ordained minister and officiates weddings, sacred union ceremonies and baby blessings. Whether you are looking for someone to assist you with a simple ceremony or help with planning a more elaborate traditional event, you want this day to be unique and special for you. 


Elandara's talent is in being able to listen to your needs and help you create a ceremony that will be profoundly memorable. We begin with a simple phone conversation to determine the basic direction for your ceremony. A face to face meeting will be set up to go over the details and to be comfortable with the way the day will flow. A contract will be signed and any future meetings will be established.


Weddings are doorways into sacred relationships with one another and provide sacred contracts to be sealed in the eyes of all who are in attendance both on the physical plane and in the spiritual world. You want your special day to be as meaningful as possible and unique to your personality and life style. Elandara can assist you in your planning to help the day flow smoothly.


We were so honored to have Eland Ra perform our wedding ceremony. From the moment we met, she took great care in researching our background and adding symbolic details to our ceremony. All of her rituals and words expressed meaning and true depth. She always honored parts of our background families and any special connections that we requested. Everyone especially enjoyed the drumming and petal (water) ceremony. The wedding ceremony was the most memorable and special part of our day. We are so grateful for her presence and having her share in our beautiful day.'  Asucena and Fred ~Jamestown, RI


Sacred Union ceremonies while not being legally binding, offer an amazing opportunity to share your union with one another and to have friends and family witness this special event. For some partners, sacred unions take the place of a legal wedding ceremony. For others, it is an important consecration of a new beginning and may lead to a future wedding commitment. Elandara can help guide you through this special moment and help you to create a unique ceremony.


Unique and Memoriable ceremony options

Most couples are familiar with the standards of the vows and the exchange of rings, however there are many other ways to add ceremony that is meaningful to you. Below are just a few to consider and we can customize each so it fully incorporates your intentions.


Unity Candle / Memorial Candle

The Unity Candle is a special way to acknowledge the divine light within each of you and is placed on the altar and lit during the ceremony. You can expand upon this intention by lighting individual candles which represent each of your separate paths joining as together you light the central Unity Pillar from your two candles.


Some couples choose to have a Memorial candle in lieu of the Unity candle which honors and welcomes in ancestors and those beings who are not able to be physically present for your wedding day. The Memorial Candle is often incorporated if there has been a recent loss of a close friend or relative.


Sacred Water Blessing

Because your wedding day is so special, we work together to make it uniquely yours. The Sacred Water Blessing is a very special and unique ceremony that I offer to my couples. It is a very personal and unique opportunity for your guests to be included in the blessings of the day as well as a way to enhance the blessings from the universe for your divine union. I will create the sacred water for your wedding day from a 'mother stock' that was passed down to me to share. The water is used as a benediction to bless your Divine Union and your new path.



Whether it is a 'year and a day' ceremony of handfasting, or 'tying the knot' on your wedding day, we can include this ritual into your engagement or into your wedding. This ancient ritual can be easily incorporated into the flow of your day.


Other Options  ~  Ceremonial Art  ~  Wedding Registry

As a visual artist, I offer commissioned art as a beautiful way to honor your partnership. This can take the form of a Wedding Shield or Family Shield, or a symbolic painting. You can view my gallery to see my art or contact me for specific inquiries. I can also set up a gift registry connected to this website for my original paintings or prints for you upon request.


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