A help for tick season. Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt a tick on my ear..

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Groggy from sleep, I got up slowly and went into the bathroom and pulled it off. I attempted to go back to sleep but had that gnawing feeling I needed to get up and attend to the tick bite. When I first moved to New York, I had created an energy essence,13 Tijax (pronounced tee haash), and it helped me heal from lime disease.

Knowing that small quiet voice was giving me an important message, I rolled out of bed again and went to my apothecary cabinet to fetch my essence bottle of 13 Tijax. I put a few drops on my ear lobe where the tick had bit me. The ear was reddish and sore, but I knew the drops would help. I then placed a few drops under my tongue and went back to bed confident and grateful for "that inner voice."

The next day I made myself a dosage bottle of the 13 Tijax and began taking it several times a day. Within two days, the redness subsided and I was relieved that I had such a simple solution for what could have been a big problem.

I am sharing this experience with you, because I have been alarmed at how many ticks I have been seeing this spring. We have enough challenges going on right now with the Covid-19 virus. Taking good care of our health has become a top priority. For these reasons, am compelled to share my story about how this healing essence came into being and how it helped me quickly recover from lime disease three years ago.

It is my hope that you will take advantage of an opportunity I am offering (below) to receive this essence to protect your health as well. I was guided to create 13 Tijax a few years ago after contracting limes disease. It helped me, and I believe it can help you if used right away.. Unfortunately, my guides have said that it has to be taken soon after you have gotten bit by the tick. It does not ameliorate the disease symptoms if the spirochetes have had the time to embed themselves in your body.

Here is my story of how I came to make this unique Day Essence.

In the summer of 2015, I relocated to upstate New York from West Hartford, Connecticut. I stayed at a lovely bunk house on McDougal Lake Road in East Greenwich while searching for a new home to purchase. The bunk house was in the middle of a beautiful old farm with corn and hay fields and acres of forest. I often went outside to do my morning yoga and meditation overlooking the rolling fields.

One beautiful sunny morning, I was inspired to set out my blanket and mat for yoga outdoors and for some unknown reason, was prompted to have my sacred Maya Healing pouch with me. When I lived in Connecticut, I studied with with Maya Mam elders from Guatemala. I was taught their Traditional Maya Kan Ku Healing technique and learned how to work with the energies of the day using their human day calendar,The Maya Cholqij.

After everything was set to begin my morning practice, I heard my inner guidance tell me to "make an essence of the day." Even though I was surprised by the message I knew that voice was always right. I assembled the necessary materials and began to make the essence for that day, 13 Tijax.

According to the Maya cosmology, 13 Tijax represents the most powerful day to work with deep core healing, including unknown causes. The sacred symbol of Tijax is the symbol of the Maya sacred stepped pyramid, when viewed from above. It represents the knife, cutting away fear and all that no longer serves. The number 13 represents "the magic and the miracles".

I had no knowledge as to why I was being told to create this essence. A year later, I found out why.....

As soon as I moved to upstate NY almost everyone I met warned me to "watch out for the ticks". I could feel their fear and I heard the warnings, but I was not concerned. I had come from Connecticut where the disease originated. I had just purchase an old 80 acre farm with wonderful woods and open lawns and wasn't going to be afraid to wander around. I tend to be stubborn and over the years had a habit of learning the hard way. Perhaps you can relate...

I met a LOT of people here who were experiencing very challenging complications from the lime disease but I was clear that would not deter me from being outdoors in nature. I used some precautions but was not overly careful. In fact, often I was being ignorant and downright careless. A year later, I learned an important lesson.

I the the heat of summer I was in my woods clearing the trails. I was not wearing protective clothing or using tick repellent, and the horse flies were buzzing all around me, biting my bare legs. A few days later, I came down with flu symptoms and also noticed a large red soar behind my left knee. I thought it was from a horsefly bite. The flu symptoms only lasted two days, but returned within the week. My neighbor up the street called to check in on me and and when I told her how I felt she insisted on driving me to the walk- in clinic in Cambridge. She had experienced with the lime disease,and knew how important it was to get help immediately.

The doctor at the clinic was great! He didn't even bother taking a blood test when he saw my leg. He asked me all the right questions, showed me pictures on his computer that matched the look of my bite and proceeded to give me a prescription for Doxycycline. I was impressed with the clinic and grateful for my friends help.

I had heard from others that it was good to take probiotics along with the doxy, so I was diligent with taking my medicines as prescribed. The probiotics helped with maintaining good gut flora while the Doxycycline went to work on the disease. Within 10 days of following that protocol, I knew I was "done" taking those medicines. I had a strong inner feeling that there must be a flower essence I could take that would help with my continued healing. Essences assist the body by addressing the fear based emotional aspects of the disease.

I knew a company in Vermont with an extensive flower essence collection and thought they might have a combination essence that could help me. I went online to do some research, not even thinking that I had a solution in my apothecary. When I went to their website, my mind glazed over as I stared at the computer screen and I heard my guidance say "13 Tijax".

"WOW! ... THAT is why I was guided to make the day essence a year ago!"

I was beyond excited.I KNEW my battle with limes had to do with FEAR, and I was determined to not feed that thought or emotion. Like a warrior, Immediately, I proceeded to make a formula bottle from the 13 Tijax Mother stock I had created the prior year. Affirming that I was moving Beyond Fear, I used the formula bottle several times a day, as prescribed.

All symptoms went away, the sore behind my knee healed, and though I have been bit by many ticks since then, I have not had any recurrence of the lime disease. When I do get bit by a tick, I use the 13 Tijax topically and take it orally as a preventative whenever I find a tick on my body.

A month ago I was guided to create my newest energy essence, Ma Donna and I am now taking both the Ma Donna essence and the 13 Tijax every day to help my body maintain a vibrational shield of protection.


In my most recent "shout out", I made a free offer of the new Ma Donna essence I am now adding the option to receive one or both of these formula essences for free.

You will see on my website, that these energy essences are priced at $22 each plus shipping and handling The special offer requests a minimum donation of $10 to cover shipping / handling and materials. Other donations are welcome, at the level you are able to pay.

When you place your order through PayPal, please include a note that lets me know if you are wanting one or both of these high vibrational essences. The formulas are made to order here at Natures Gate. If you live nearby, either I can deliver or you can pick up at my kitchen porch.

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