For the Next 7 Generations ~ Part 2

The first blog on this topic of working consciously with the Nature Spirits began with my curiosity and concern over the logging that was taking place behind my property at Natures Gate. I concluded with the teaching on how to speak with the tree spirits with the intention of educating people who were not aware of this form of communication and co-operation. Please do read that blog if you would like to understand that process.

The logging has continued for the past two months, and I have walked up to the logging road a few times to see the extent of the work being done. It appeared as though there were selective trees being marked and no clear cutting the forest except the landing zone area used for prepping logs for the mill.

I felt guided to take another walk up the hill to see the how much had been cut and how many more trees were tagged. The first area I came to, I saw tree branches strewn about and laying across the stream that flows from McDougal Lake. This stream meanders in the valley behind my neighbors property behind my house and across my lawn, and winds down to feed into the Livingston Brook Swamp area. It is a designated stream on the Washington County Soil and Water conservation maps and they have jurisdiction over its protection.I don't want to assume that the loggers will leave the fallen branches laying across the stream. I don't even know that the branches will harm the stream, but if feels like they should at lease be pulled aside so the stream is clear. Perhaps the loggers will do some clean up after they have finished the cutting. My thoughts turned to having a conversation with the land owner and ask him about the logging operation and the process. At least that will clear up some of my questions or concerns.

Continuing to walk through the woods, I see what looks like the forest being ravaged by creating a wide road by the huge logging trucks. Their trucks are huge and as they travel, loggers clear a road if one is not existent. What I observed were a couple of new roads added to the existing one and a lot of trees cut down leaving fallen branches and raw stumps. Deep scars in the earth were created here and there from the large truck tires and holes from the tree roots that had been pulled out.

Some people think this type of industry doesn't disturb the earth or the birds or the trees. Some people feel we as humans are superior and can just tear into the earth and disturb Nature without permission. I find that very sad to observe.

Nature "recovers" from this type of unconsciousness. Eventually the debris of the trees will become soil, that the topes of the trees left behind in the woods provide shelter for animals and protects young saplings from deer who eat them.

Being unconscious about the understanding that Earth is a living being is not our True Nature. We have forgotten about who we are and why we originally came to this Earth. We were meant to be the caretakers of our planet and live by the Laws of Love. Most of my generation were brought up with the "Golden Rule". Do unto others.... but most of us were not taught that "others" included Mother Nature!

As I continued to investigate the extent of the work being done, I stopped by some of the trees that were marked with wide blue paint slashes. These slashes meant that they were to be cut. The trees were communicating the same message to me. They knew they were going to be taken down and they would grow again. My prayers to the trees and to Mother Nature were being answered and it was comforting to hear that they were "ok".

Even with that feeling of comfort, I was again shocked to see so many pine trees along the upper ridge behind my property marked with blue slashes on them. I was guided to touch each one and thank them for their life and welcome them to move their life force to the pines on my property just down the hill. A few feet beyond those pines, I saw a large area that had just been clear cut. I gasped and my heart sunk. I stood there shocked at what felt like devastation.

I could not rationalize this in my mind. When I first moved here from Connecticut three years ago, I attended a day long educational program given by the Cornell Extension Service at The Renselear Plateau. It was great for me to gain some perspective as to the logging practices. The foresters and County officials took us to an area that had been clear cut. Trees are growing back promising a healthy future forest.

But even with that knowledge, I stood amidst the barren land feeling shocked and frozen. My mind was trying to rationalize why this was done. I wondered if they were planning on creating a housing development, or just taking down timber for financial gain. It is not my property, and theoretically it is not my business, but I care very much about this earth and our forest lands.

It is clear to me that I need to take a step forward with courage and compassion and have a conversation with the land owner. I will stop letting my mind wonder and will help answer some of my questions.

Two months ago when I first observed the logging operation,I I asked my spirit guides what I could do and heard "for the next 7 generations". That message is a lot more clear to me now and realize that the work that I am doing on my property to create a new model for land conservation demonstrating the co-operative communication with Nature. I have been told by my inner guidance to give the land back to itself, and that I what I am currently in the process of doing. This is my mission and why I was literally sent to this property to be its land steward.

My biggest prayer is for the laws governing use of land is done in harmony with Nature. This mission extends to a much bigger picture of working towards Divine Government and Awakened Global / Unity Consciousness. This dream / mission may take 7 Generations to be put in place, but we must do our best to work together. We need to literally start "in our own backyards" and communities.

I have a lot to learn, a lot to accomplish and a lot of commitment to making this a better world for our children! I know how much courage coupled with humility and loving kindness it will take for me to be successful with this mission. I know I am not alone in this mission. I walk with many who care deeply about the land, about the environment and about the future generations.

May we all continue to be inspired and do our part!

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