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Healing Arts

Elandara is a multi-disciplined healing practitioner and channel who works with the angelic realms along with your higher self and spirit team for your highest good. She draws from over 25 years of experience in several fields and specializes in being able to read the body and assist you in identifying the original core disfunction so that you can return to your divine nature. 


She is an ordained  minister and has received training in many modalities including  CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release Work with the Upledger Institute, Professional Flower Essence Therapy training with Flower Essence Services, REIKI and Traditional KanKu Maya Healing with Nana Mercedes Barrios.  She studied with many native elders and incorporates shamanic work in her healing sessions as needed.


Elandara is passionate about empowering her clients to connect with their body's innate ability to heal itself and offers simple effective tools towards that goal.  She works at the highest levels to help you return to your Divine Template / Original Perfection.

As a channel for the higher realms, Elandara offers intuitive counseling and readings to assist you on your path of empowerment.

You deserve to live a healthy and vibrant life.  

Live the life of your dreams!


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