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Visionary art

Welcome to Elandara's Art Gallery. Elandara is a self - taught artist.  Her adventure into painting was inspired by a gorgeous sunset many years ago. She grabbed her son's crayons and a blank notecard and began to express what she felt. She began exploring using watercolors and allowed each medium that she worked with to be her teacher. Gradually, she grew in confidence and started receiving commissions and eventually entered into gallery shows. After she had gained more experience, she worked with Diana Lyn Cote's to refine her artistic style. Diana was a wonderful teacher who asked all the right questions. Rather than teaching technique,Elandara learned how to see through the artist's eye to create light and contrast.  Today,Elandara offers classes and workshops that inspire and empower.  

                     Contact her for an art class or to commission the perfect work of art .

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