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Ma Donna, an energy essence for these changing times

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Ma Donna ~ New Birth New Earth from the core of purity~

created in communion with the the Cosmos, Mother Gaia, Mother Mary, the directors of the Elements and the All That Is. It is imbued with the highest frequencies of the twelve 5th dimensional crystalline aspects of Deity* with assistance from the Elohim Council of Light for our new birth into the New Earth.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, I received a beautiful gift that can assist you during these changing times we are all going through. Below is an an account of how I was called to create this magical essence.

Last week, at the beginning of New York's quarantine period, I was speaking with a friend who shared an experience during her morning meditation. She has been doing a daily protocol that assists with her healing process and involves taking a liquid healing solution. She saw an image of that solution and then saw me and wondered if I could create something similar.

I began to "tune in" and listen inwardly, not knowing whether there would be a combination of essences from my collection, or something new. Immediately I heard the voice of Gaia say, "Make an essence of me,...don't add anything else." I understood this to mean to not combine her essence with other essences from my existing collection.

I was deeply touched by this opportunity and excited to begin. Later when I was able to talk to my friend, Roel, from Europe, he added the plasma energy of aquamarine, peach, and pink to the infusion. Mother Mary was with us during our call and with her assistance, Roel received the name Ma Donna. Later, that day, Mother Mary shared with me that the plasma Roel added "assists in the genesis of rebirth and is the grounding element in these high vibrational essences."

This entire experience was exquisite, and I could see Mother Gaia giving birth to a new earth. I hope you can drink in this immaculate concept emanating from the core of purity in your sacred heart.

I am humbled and deeply grateful to offer this essence to you as support while we birth ourselves and our earth mother during these unprecedented times. She is listed in the Specialty Essences section of the Essence of Life webpage link.

Properties: New Birth ~ New Earth, Purity, Immaculate Concept. As a divine mother essence, She is here to help us through this passage and beyond…This essence will assist in balancing your energy vortices, and provide loving healing support on all levels. Even as you emerge out of your chrysalis of “incubation”, she supports your new growth, your emergence into the New World we are creating together. Come let us walk this earth together.

Qualities of the Plasma: Aquamarine: clarity and discernment, Orange (Peach): divine purpose, joy, Rose Pink: transfiguring divine love, adoration, reverence for All Life

References: For more information about the twelve 5th dimensional crystalline solar aspects of Deity, go to Deep gratitude to Patricia Cota Robles of who is guided by “the company of heaven” and offers books, free vlogs, and so much more.

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