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Ma Donna ~ A Gift for Humanity

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Ma Donna  A special offer for you during these changing times 

While we were in the midst of this Coronavirus crisis, I was guided to create this Ma Donna energy essence At the request of Mother Mary. The dosage bottle is being offer freely as a gift to you. Please  pay the shipping and handling costs of $10. If you choose to offer more, your donation to this cause is greatly appreciated. if you are unable to pay the $10, I ask that you share this offer with others as a way of "paying it forward". 


This magnificent energy essence was created at the request of Gaia to assist humanity through this critical time of her New Birth. She was made in communion with the the Cosmos, Mother Mary, the directors of the Elements and the All That Is.  Ma Donna is imbued with the highest frequencies of the twelve 5th dimensional crystalline aspects of Deity with assistance from the Elohim Council of Light and enhanced with special plasma energies. 

Properties: New Birth  New Earth, Purity, Immaculate Concept
As a divine mother essence, She is here to help us through this passage and beyond…She carries the Immaculate Concept for our New Birth into the upgraded 5th dimensional crystalline frequencies of the New Earth. This essence will assist in balancing your energy vortices, and provide loving healing support on all levels. Even as you emerge out of your chrysalis of “incubation”, she supports  your new growth and emergence into the New World we are creating together. 

Qualities of the Plasma: Aquamarine:

clarity and discernment, Orange (Peach): divine purpose, joy, Rose Pink: transfiguring divine love, adoration, reverence for All Life. In Mother Mary's words, "the plasma energy assists in the genesis of rebirth and is the grounding element in these high vibrational essences."

Read the new Ma Donna BLOG. to find out how this wonderful essence was created.

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