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Essence of Life
 High Vibrational Flower and Master Energy Essences

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Combination Essences

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Individual Flower essences
1 oz Stock bottles  single formula in Violet Glass with dropper               $33.00

1 oz Dosage bottles single formula in cobalt glass with dropper            $22.00

Plasma infusions: In Mother Mary's words, "the plasma energy assists in the genesis of rebirth and is the grounding element in these high vibrational essences." All the new essences as well as custom combinations are infused with specialty plasma energies. 

Custom Combination Blends  

Custom combination essence formulas are available upon request. You may also create your own personal formula by selecting other combinations from individual essences.  All the  stock essences are preserved with a 50/50 blend of oak cured brandy and vitalized living water. Optional methods of preserving the essences are available upon request. Stock Essences are sold for use by practitioners in 1oz Miron Violet glass bottles with glass droppers. Individuals who frequently use a formula can order the Stock bottle and make their own formula bottle from that as a refill.  The Miron black glass blocks the sun's damaging  rays and lets in the violet, infra-red  and Ultraviolet A beneficial rays. These rays4 add to the vitality of the formula along with your intention / affirmation.

These combination blends are only sold in dosage bottles for individual use.

1 oz. Dosage  bottle in cobalt blue glass with dropper                           $33.00

Shipping and Handling are extra.                                         

Flower essence Consultation                                                             $100.00

You will received a 30 minute consultation with Elandara to aid you in selecting the perfect combination of essences to suit your needs.  She will then prepare your custom formula.  Pricing  includes the consultation and custom formula.



Read more about Flower Essences go to Flower Essence FAQ page

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Individual Formulas   ~  alphabetical listing

Apple Blossom ~ You are beautiful ~ Lighten up and play

The apple tree orchards on my property had a lot to say. She helps you with how you perceive yourself and strengthens your self worth. Her message is "You are the apple of my eye." She showed me a very playful nature that invites you to not take things so seriously...."Lighten up!." Clearly, when you embrace playfulness, everyone is beautiful and the mind is clear and uncluttered, free to be free. If you have low self worth, spend too much time worrying or taking life too seriously, then Apple Blossom can help,

Blue Asiatic Dayflower - RECEIVING ~ NEW

purple and light green plasma 

" I am all about receiving" she proclaimed as soon as I began listening to her message. This flower is a true day flower lasting only a single day. Her energies exemplify the power of attraction while the true blue of her petals rings forth the masculine ray of diving will. At the base of the petals are the pink / magenta rays which offer a feminine balance to the strong  male expression. This simple wildflower fascinated my attention and captured my heart with her presence. She is an amazing essence to help you with manifesting your dreams! 

Brown Eyed Susan - Self-empowerment

This essence is my first essence from my gardens when living in Connecticut. She spoke to me in the late summer of 2012 and asked me to make her essence. She offers a gentle yet bright outlook on life. and works on the solar plexus area to support self-love and inner child work. Wonderful for anyone  having difficulty remembering to own their power. She radiates light and self-worth.


Brown Knapweed ~ Awareness ~ NEW

pink and yellow plasma infused

This flower from the aster family clearly announced that she will bring greater awareness to you. To be aware is to know Truth and aids with discernment. During the making of this essence a single golden yellow petal from a flower arrangement containing Black Eyed Susan "sat"  next to the glass container holding the knapweed receiving the solar infusion. The pink and yellow gold plasma enhances the Awareness energies bringing about enhanced worthiness and expanded love frequencies.... a powerful combination indeed!

Butterfly Weed Seed / Pod  - Manifesting and Grounding Your Dreams
This amazing angel seed essence is all about manifesting your inspirations. Charged with etheric energy, the seeds were shimmering in the sacred water as the New Moon energy quietly birthed this beautiful essence. Butterfly Weed (Aesclepias Tuberosa) brings new growth, inspiration, creative fire for manifesting your greatest potential. Helps you to germinate your wildest dreams as well as bring them into the present.

Campanula Glomerata  ~  Strength, Courage & Vitality

During late spring I noticed a lovely new  cluster of magenta flowers sitting atop a strong stem.

She was growing by the stream that runs through my property. A few weeks later, a client came and while doing a walking contemplation, noticed the same flower in a different place nearby.

I knew that was significant, and instantly heard the flower express what her qualities were. They were exactly what my client needed to assist her with her soul embodiment. Having been depleted from a surgery several years ago, she needed deep healing and support. This flower

essence now sits among the other tools that are important for difficult  transitions and soul development in these trying times.

Celandine - Communication - Confidence to be out in the world

For those of you who are seeking to connect more deeply and receive from your guides, this essence is great! She is also very helpful in all communication. People who need confidence to be "out there" in the world will find support with her essence. She offers the balanced support to show up and communicate, who you are and what you do.

Chrysanthemum, Red ~ Supporting Devotional Service

Red Chrysanthemun supports you on your path of devotional service, the path of eternal love and full of grace. If you are called to be in service, this is a wonderful essence for you. It assists you in moving out of your lower ego identification and into the higher service to others.  If you are finding yourself overdoing the giving of yourself to "a calling" and feel depleted, the essence will support you to take care of yourself yourself so you have the energy to be out in the world helping others. 

Coltsfoot - Agility and lighten up

Have you been feeling like your feet are giving you problems, or have you recently had foot surgery? Coltsfoot is known to help speed up the healing process. When I meditated with this charming harbinger of spring, she showed me that she has quite a sense of humor. And I could feel how she will help, as laughter is very healing!  

Clary Sage  ~ Transformation, Wisdom and Alchemy

Simply witnessing this "painted flower/ leaf" is an alchemical experience in transformation. Her flowers are small orchid like clusters at the axils of the leaves, and as you gaze above the flower clusters, green leaves become painted with deep purple and turn into full purple leaves that appear as petals. She shared with me that she will assitst with clearing away the old 3D programming to help us operate in our 5th dimensional crystalline divine nature. Her essence

suppports our soul growth by helping us to take each step along the path with grace.

Creeping Phlox / lavender flower - Giving and Receiving love
Each petal of the creeping phlox is heart shaped and has five petals. Creeping phlox love to grow in community and its energy supports serving your highest purpose in community.  This essence assists with balanced relationships through giving and receiving love.

Echinacea ~ Protection and Strength

After experiencing a difficult dreamtime, this lovely deva woke me up and said 'Please make an essence of me.!'  She showed me her  strength and created a beautiful parasol above me showing me her vibration of protection and love.  She stands tall on a very strong stem and offers that through her essence.  We all need this support and strength in our lives and I am grateful to offer her to you.


Dead Nettle ~ Open to growth with tender care ~ NEW

Saphire and Rose Plasma light

This lovely wild flower had a lot to say when I sat to receive her message. "I offer a softness and gentle cleansing which brings strength to new growth of springtime. Don't rush into anything . I offer patience and perseverance supported by loving grace to help with life's persistent challenges. I help you open up to growth opportunities with tender care.  My essence reminds you to reach out to the heavens and rise above challenging growth cycles aiding you to  enter into harmonious relationships. Don't hesitate to reach out! You are supported In life's ebbs and flows.

Divine Birth with  Opal Plasma.  ~  Anchoring the New Earth frequencies of Original Design 

Alchemy on the Pond Collection

She holds the immaculate concept of birth, within and the light that we are returning to. She welcomes in the crystal children and assists the parents of these children with their upbringing. She assists those who are "sensitives" and empathic. This sweet miniature flower spoke saying "The time has come for me to anchor the newest vibrations for the birth of the New Earth." We are all transforming from carbon based into silica based ( crystalline) 


While sitting next to her and recording her message, the song lyrics "glory to God in the  highest, and the song "Oh Holy Night" rang through the air. Her essence is enhanced with opal plasma which anchors in the 12th ray of transfiguration and transformation. 

Feverfew - Clear Mind
A bed of tiny white flowers sit atop softly toothed foliage. This lovely herb has been appearing in my garden ever since I can remember.   Its greenery is very aromatic while their small daisy like flowers seem to last forever.  Feverfew is excellent for helping clear your thoughts and it aids with headaches. It penetrates deeply into areas of confusion / cloudiness helping to provide clarity and openness.


German Chamomile  ~ Peaceful serenity
This sweet flower grows wild in my garden and is a terrific companion plant for the other plants.  It is well known for its use as an infusion in water for its peaceful and calming properties.  These same properties are transferred into the flower essence. 

Green Rose ~ Divine Grace with Aquamarine Plasma

This flower was made on the island of Oahu in 2018. Elandara and Kumari collaborated in creating this essence, and is the first essence to have the added plasma energy added to it. This Green Rose carries the Aloha spirit of grounded love and the Aquamarine plasma energy brings forth clarity and discernment in relationships. 

Holy Basil Seed / Leaf ~ Purity and Wisdom - Nourishing Health
Each of my flower essences have been imbued with this sacred plant spirit. It is also offered as an individual essence. Holy Basil, also known as Sacred Basil or Tulsi, is often called 'the incomparable one.   Considered to be one of India s most powerful and sacred plants and is classified as an herb that nourishes perfect health and promotes long life. It is considered a Mother goddess incarnated in plant form, nourishing and sustaining life.  This seed and leaf essence is  beneficent to all, harmful to no one', thus carrying an energy of purity and wisdom. 


Horse Chestnut - Green ~ Healing the Earth

This flower essence is here to support the work of  healing the earth. For quite some time, I have felt so very close to the earth as though I am one with her. So, when I realized that this essence helps to awaken consciousness to the bigger picture of connectedness to our Earth Mother, I was so deeply touched. As a flower essence practitioner, I have been adding white chestnut from FES to custom essence formulas. White Chestnut is a wonderful essence to bring you into a higher perspective. these two essences share a  similar vibration..

Japanese Iris  ~ Creativity and beauty
This essence had a lot to show me and can be used for a wide range of conditions.  Her showy nature exudes beauty and creativity. She spoke to me of sacred sexuality and the feminine nature. She can help you open up not only to your creative nature, but to sacred sexuality and your sensuality. The iris is akin to the Fleur de Lis (flower of life) and attests to her divine feminine qualities.

Jewel Weed ~ Joy of Creative Expression  / Yellow Orange plasma

Alchemy on the Pond Collection

Jewel weed trumpets "Happy thank you more please" as she tells about being a container for joy and inspiration. The sound of tiny bells rang through the air as she spoke. The yellow orange plasma supports self confidence and personal power (solar plexus area) as well as the creativity of the womb (sacral chakra).

Lady's Mantle  ~  Transitions / Mothers Love
Lady's Mantle is like Divine Mother wrapping her love around you. She helps women with major transitions and life events; fertility, pregnancy, birth, change of life, mothering. She is associated with Mother Mary's cape and is pure love and support. Her delicate chartreuse flowers float above her cape like leaves symbolic of the protection offered to new life. She should not be taken if pregnant, but can help one with conception.

Lavender Aster ~ "I am bountiful, blissful, and free" / Violet and lavender plasma

Alchemy on the Pond Collection

Lavender Aster encircles the pond at Natures Gate with her feminine presence, swirling and dancing on waves of light inviting you to fly free like a bird and singing in waves of sound to the highest glory then gently grounding it into the earth. She assists in raising your vibration and integrating new earth frequency. Violet plasma assists with transforming old patterns while helping bring in the new.

Lilly of the Valley ~ "Bring Me to the Light"

Immediately, as I tuned into Lilly of the Valley, her bell shaped flowers began to ring / sing to me. Her waxy white flowers and lovely aroma exhibit humility and lightness and her song was "Bring me to the LIght!" This sweet essence exhibits lightness and joy and will assist with helping you to unravel rigidity in your thoughts or emotional body and her angellic vibration helps lift your spirits to the heavens.

Lilac  ~  Bring Me a Higher Love

As the song says, "Bring me a higher love." is the essential message that I received from this lovely flower deva. Lilacs range in color from lavendar, to pink, white and deep purple. The flower that I made this essence with was a deep purple. When her buds opened to flull glory, they became a striking violet flame color of a magenta purple radiating the triple flame of the sacred heart. This flower is universal in its application for those people who desire a deeper connection with their beloved. The captivating aroma of lilac fills our hearts with adoration and deepening love.

Linden ~ Devotion & Reverence for All Life

Are you needing support from the universe to be in greater service? Do you need help from the spiritual realms to assist you with your destiny, or are you seeking to serve but don't know the direction or feel you don't have the support that you desire. Linden is a very holy tree. She offers her assistance to deepen your service and unconditional love. She exemplifies a deep reverence for all life that those who are self-less and work for the good of all beings embody. She offers her essence to assist you on your path of greatest service to this Earth. 

Marsh Marigold  ~  "I AM a Star!"

This lovely yellow gold star shaped flower radiates light to all that surrounds her. She is quite

an extrovert and really appreciated being noticed. She grows in the shade and alongside streams and in marshy wet areas and stands out with her bright blooms in the early spring.

If you feel as though you are invisible and don't get the attention you deserve, she will certainly

come to your aid. She boosts your self worth and helps to brighten your energy field.

May Apple ~ Reaping the Fruits of Your Labor
This amazing shade plant bears a lovely white flower that grows in the crotch beneath her large umbrella like leaves. Here scent is reminiscent of apples and the fruit is a large seed. This essence is for you if you seem to put a lot of effort into an activity, but don't feel that the results are worth the energy expended. May Apple helps you to balance out your time and energy and feel "fruitful"! 


Meadow Rue  ~  Rise above the illusion
Meadow Rue flower exudes faery energy. Its feathery magenta pink flower cluster shows us how to rise above all situations and hold unconditional love without taking ourselves too seriously. She helps you let go with the old stories to help you live in the NOW and create from the place of your divine nature.

Motherwort ~ Freedom and Balance

This essence was made from the arial portions which included the leaves  and flowers. This plant has amazing geometry and symmetry providing grounding and balance. Her flowers appear nestled along her square stem at each leaf crotch. As she grows in the summer season, her flowers open up in a zipper like fashion and the leaf tops create a beautiful spike that reaches for the heavens.  When I moved to upstate New York, I was staying at a bunk house cabin where this plant grew freely.  The first night I was there, she asked me to make her essence.  She showed me a picture of her balanced leaves as though they were wings along her spine which felt like she was flying freely. I take this essence whenever I am feeling limited so I am able to expand and feel my freedom.


Mustard ~ I am the light

Mustard lifts the spirit and helps those who struggle with depression to shift back to the light.

The upright gesture of this sweet plant is one of reaching up for the light.  The flowers are small chalice like cups holding the golden light  in a balanced way.


Myrtle ~  Be True to Yourself  ~ Clear Boundaries

She is  an evergreen ground cover offering us ever present connection to the earth. Her lovely blue flowers remind us "To thine own self be true." She is a great teacher when we are in the middle of a whirlwind of energies to stay grounded and be true. I made her before moving to my new home in NY and she sure came in handy when I found myself in the company of a rather opinionated workshop leader  I had a dosage bottle of Myrtle and she really helped by reminding me that "it was not my stuff". She is good for boundaries!

Pussy Toes ~ Touch me  /  Opal Plasma

This sweet little wild flower grows in patches on lawns here in Southern Washington County and has white fuzzy paws that are soft like a cats paw. It is aptly named because its essence is for those people who need touch or to assist healing traumas where there has been inappropriate and harmful touching. 

Queen Anne's Lace ~ Awaken to your divinity ~ Connection to Source  ~  Seed of Life

I had an amazing experience while gazing into this flower. I was instantly transported to the Flower of Life sacred geometry. After waking from a nap that same day, above me was a small pulsating light form above me at the ceiling. I just stared at it in wonderment. Within a short while, it turned into what I now know to be the Seed of Life sacred geometry pattern in yellow gold all above me on the ceiling.  The next morning I made her essence. She spoke to me about how she holds the pattern of remembering that we are not separate from Creator and provides an enfoldment into our I AM presence with grace. She holds the vibration of the cosmos and the pattern for all of life that the Flowef of Life is. " I remember my divine connection and I am One with All that Is."

Red Cardinal Flower  / mahogany green leaf ~  Recovery / Rebuilds life force / Thrive

This beautiful flower essence is a true Warrior! She helps rebuild life force, strengthens courage and determination to thrive. She provides a strong current of energy for recovery and is particularly helpful for those who have PTSD from abuse, war and have been victimized. She helps ground back into the body, offers determination and hope. Strong will forces to return to wholeness. "I know who I AM and I am here to thrive!" 

Red Clover ~ Eyes of Love / Red Plasma

Alchemy on the Pond Collection

Red Clover helps you to see love from many perspectives and focus it through loving and compassion. "I am bringing it love from many points of view to create the new." The Red plasma helps with grounding this vibration of unconditional love. This essence assists with living in the Truth of Oneness and Unity consciousness.

Red Maple  ~ Be Here Now

This tree essence is for grounding and being in the moment. Her bright red pendulous flowers feel like they are pouring this energy into your body. As I sat with her she spoke to me about the joy of being here now, grounding into the body, connected with deep roots into the earth. She is very strong, empowering and enlivening.

Rhododendron - strength and support  working in community

Everything about this plant conveys strength. Her flowers cluster together, her large whorled leaves are meaty and her branches are strong. The magenta ray emanates love. This essence is a wonderful one  to provide support for people in leadership roles and are the head of the family.

Rue ~ Mother Healer 
The Maya Elders that are my teachers call Rue the  Mother Plant and use it for all ailments. This flower essence is  also very helpful if you have inflammation.  I used it both internally and topically for swelling that was around my knee with amazing results.


Shadblow Tree Flower ~  Opening to the LIght with Grace and Ease

This tree  flower is one of the first to bloom in the spring and has such lightness and sweetness to her. She will help bring a youthful innocence to people who are shy and diminutive, offering the support to be who you truly are. As with all tree essences, she offers balance and strength.

Her delicate 5 pointed starry petals literally unfurl into the light as they open revealing more starry patterning in her center. She soon bears a sweet edible fruit, as will you when you partake of her essence.


Speedwell ~ Bringer of the Dawn 

Enhance your intuition with this tiny yet potent wildflower. She forms a blanket of tiny bright blue purple flowers that rise up like many eyes catching your attention in the spring. I found her as I was trail clearing at Natures Gate and she literally woke me up shining her tiny blue eyes the next morning and called me to make her essence. She offers the energy of a "wake up call" to help you along your path. If you have been feeling sluggish, or are wanting support with your spiritual work, she is a great ally!

Sweet Birch ~ Lay down your burdens / Lighten the load

This tree essence assists you to lighten the load and trust that help is on the way. This message calls for you to surrender and allow the weight to be lifted off of your shoulders. The Beetles song, "Let it Be" came in. during the making of this essence in the Spring of 2016  "When I  find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, singing words of  Wisdom Let it BE". This is a great affirmation

to use when taking this essence.


Tiny Sunflower ~ Sunshine of my Life with Gold Plasma

Alchemy on the Pond Collection

This tiny sunflower brings in a lot of light and is wonderful for embodying the innocent child and having a sense of wonder. Songs of love filled the air as I made connection with her. The gold plasma offers limitless abundance and eternal peace, affirming that you are LOVE .

Tiny White Aster ~ Unity and Transformation

"I will help you Transform" was the message I received upon seating this essence. this transformation occurs through this plant's balanced energy of the masculine and feminine of union. To read more about the creation of this essence, see the Fall Newsletter (2021). 

Sweet Woodruff  ~  Balanced and Centered
Symmetry, centeredness and light are exhibited by this plant through its circular (whorled) leaf structure and the tall stem of the flower rising out of the leaf s center.  She shows us how to shine light in the darkness and connects us to the stars.  

White Trillium  ~  Purity  /  Grounding the Light  / Embodiment

White Trillium is such a pure flower expressing grace and innocence. She grows low to the ground and this one was growing amongst the ramps and meadow rue in the woods nearby McDougal Lake. She is a wonderful flower to help  people embody all the light that is pouring in these days, especially great for those who are young and sensitive. When I was making her, I had a vision while meditating of  a young girl excitedly come up to me, sit in lotus position, legs crossed and close her eyes tilting her head back. There was a lot of light pouring into her third eye...felt like she was embodying the White Trillium! 


Trumpet Vine  - Communicating Clearly
Trumpet Vine supports clear communications and assists those who may need help with public speaking or saying what they need to.  Its deep red orange color also correlates to the second energy center of passion and creativity. This flower essence was created in the summer of 2015 on Cape Cod.

Violet ~  Reconnecting to Source
This lovely flower essence was quick to show me how she helps us reconnect to our source.  She is also a wonderful essence to support transmuting negative energies. Using this in conjunction with invoking the Violet Transmuting Flame is very helpful when working to clear your energy field from any discordant energies.

Specialty Energy Essences 

The essences below are specialty essences that contain the electrical vibrations of transmissions of light during particular solar events. Also included are essences created in communion with the Ascended Master light.

DAY Essence: 13 Tijax  2015 ~ Deep Healing to the Core
The Maya Sacred Calendar is a 260 day calendar. Each day has a number (a force) , and an Ahau ( a guardian energy). I was called upon by my spiritual guides to create an essence of the day on 13 Tijax. This essence is a powerful aid in releasing deeply held traumas at the core level. 


2017 Great American Eclipse ~  Wiping the Slate Clean

If you are ready to let go of the old stories, this portal essence supports you in doing just that!

We are in the midst of a HUGE Shift of the Ages and the old stories no longer serve us. It is time to step into our divinity as co-creators and our Mastery.  This is an ascension process that is essential for our planet and our Universe. You can use this essence to assist you with shifting perceptions and beliefs.  I would be more than happy to work directly with you to assist with this process as we emerge together out of the 3D illusion  and into the 5D truth  of Who We Are and Why We have Come Here. 


Combination Formula of Red Cardinal Flower and Green Rose

A friend asked me if I had an essence for trauma.  My guides immediately responded to me by saying that my essences were of a very high vibration. I was quiet and asked to receive the essences that wanted to work together for trauma relief. Cardinal Flower immediately jumped up as a volunteer, and then Green Rose asked to be included. (Green Rose a single formula that I was introduced to when I took my professional flower essence workshop at FES in California in 2015. ) The two of them are an amazing team which I offer as a unique combination essence to carry with you in the same way that the Bach Flower Essence "Rescue Remedy" assists in trauma / PTSD.  

The two individual essences are held in the water matrix of The Great American Eclipse Energy Essence made in 2017.  This very special water matrix assists in "wiping the slate clean" to support the relief of traumas at the core levels. 

Ma Donna ~ New Birth New Earth

Ma Donna energy essence / plasma light of aquamarine, orange, rose pink

This essence was created in the Universal Energy Portal at Natures Gate in communion with the the Cosmos, Mother Gaia, Mother Mary, the directors of the Elements and the All That Is. It is imbued with the highest frequencies of the twelve 5th dimensional crystalline aspects of diety from the Elohim Council of Light for our New Birth into the New Earth.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, a friend of mine saw an image of me in her meditation creating an essence that would help with the clearing of the physical emotional mental and spiritual bodies. When she called and shared this with me, Mother Gaia asked me to make an essence of her. I was instructed to create it when I arose to a beautiful sunny spring day, March 27th 2020, and am excited to share this with you with great humility and the deepest of gratitude! 

Master El Moyra - Divine Will

This ray of light essence was guided by the Ascended Master, El Moyra, who emmanates the first ray of Divine Will. The essence was originally created when a client of mine had contacted me for assistance for her young daughter who wanted to die. When I sat in meditation, Ascended Master El Moyra came through and guided me to create this essence with a bloodstone. This is a powerful combination that  assists with strengthening the will to live. Gratefully,  the daughter recovered from her thoughts of dying.

Master Hilarion ~ Healing Hands ~ original perfection

As I invoked the 5th Ray of Healing through the beloved Master Hilarion, I was witness to several other rays of light interpenetrating the water matrix. The combination of rays included the green, blue, pink and yellow spectrum of light of the Sacred Heart energies in us all. The mother stock was also imbued with the energies of original creation through the Prima Matra contained in a beautiful Andara Green Glass that was gifted to me at Winter Solstice 2018.  This is a wonderful essence for healing practitioners and individuals who are looking to enhance their health and well being.

 2019 update: Plasma energies of Transfiguring Divine Love and the Golden Ray from Archangel Raphael. Mother Mary and Hilarion have partnered to gift humanity with this new vibration of the 5th Ray of Healing. 

What is the difference between stock and dosage (also called formula) bottles?

The Stock bottles are best for practitioners or for people who use a particular essence a lot. 1 0z Stock bottles are sold in MIron Black glass as they not only vitalize but further preserve the essences.


Dosage Bottles are used for Individual  and  combination formulas . They are sent to you in 1 oz cobalt blue glass bottles.

See standard pricing at the top of the page.

Contact Elandara for a Flower Essence Consultation either in person or by  phone./ zoom.   


MaDonna Essence ~ A Specialty essence

This beautiful combination essence provided clear insight and guidance allowing me to access my guides in a new manner, finding solutions to issues that had held me back in my healing work. Rachel,  South Carolina

Out of the Ashes - Combination blend 

     Myrtle, Meadow Rue, Queen Anne's Lace, Violet, Red Maple, Echinacea

"I have been using this once daily since receiving it...most definitely has helped me with ease of connection to my guides and feeling fully grounded when I am around those whose energies may be chaotic. I would highly recommended this essence to all who are going through a vibrational change, as it minimized any confusion that sometimes accompanies increases in our soul acceleration via our physical bodies. Thank you Elandara for all of your exemplary essences!" Rachael T, Connecticut

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