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Flower Essences FAQ

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What makes the Essence of Life collection special?

All of the essences in this line have a wonderfully high vibration due to the alchemical intentional process used during their creation. Elandara creates  these essences in communion with the plant spirit along with special prayers and ceremony. They are made in sacred healing water and vitalized through direct intentions and direct communion which is a very personal partnership with the nature spirits who communicate with Elandara.

Unique to this collection is the addition of plasma energy. In Mother Mary's words, "the plasma energy assists in the genesis of rebirth and is the grounding element in these high vibrational essences." 

As the essences are created, Elandara enters into an intimate relationship with the plant spirits and receives communication regarding the benefits that the essence will impart to those who take them. While there is a wealth of information online about the benefits and properties of different essences, each essence is subject to the vibrations of where and how they are made. Another aspect regarding the effectiveness of an essence is the intention of the person who uses it. Because these are vibrational energies, your intention is very important and using affirmations are very helpful while using essences!

A note about affirmations: Be sure to us all positive language and state your affirmation in the NOW.  "I am Now feeling good about myself and am grateful for the love I am receiving."

Specialty and Energy Essences

Some of the essences in the collection were created because of specific requests by the plant spirits or from Elandara's spiritual guides. These specialty essences are divinely guided to assist with increasing your vibration so you are more prepared for the shifts occurring with the New Earth energies of awakening consciousness. 

The Ascended Master Ray Collection is a beautiful gift that has been given from the heavenly realms. These are made as directed by the Ascended Masters and include Divine Will, given to Elandara through El Moyra, the Master of the First Ray of Divine Will, and "Healing Hands", directed by Master Hilarion, the Ascended Master of the 5th Ray of Healing. This energy essence was additionally energized  with a Green Andara glass crystal that contains Prima Matra (Original Divine Creation)

Read more on the Essence of Life Collection page

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid extracts derived from plants and contain their electrical/vibrational signature. They assist in sole development and work on the spiritual and emotional levels of the body. Unlike essential oils, they have no aroma. They are in the category of vibrational healing that works within the subtle bodies. Taking flower essence is like planting a seed in a garden. The more you are open to receiving her, the more effective she will be in helping you. This is much like tending a garden. 

What is the history of these essences?

Flower essences have been used for centuries by many cultures throughout the world by collecting dew from plants.  More recently, in the 1930s

an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, began to do clinical studies with the plant essences and noticed that they were highly effective in healing his patients. Dr. Bach had formerly been in practice as a medical doctor and then as a homeopath. He found great success when he began to use flower essence therapy and dedicated the rest of his life's work to this practice. He developed 38 remedies and popularized the use of flower essences for healing.


The use and manufacture of flower essences have expanded exponentially since the introduction of Bach's original 38 formulas and the effectiveness of high vibrational healing modalities continues to grow. The Essence of Life Collection is one of the highest vibrational forms of this therapy on the market because of the way they are made.

An explanation Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, MD comparing flower essences with conventional drugs....

“Nature’s Medicinals (flower essences) immense and rapidly growing appeal stems from the fact that they are fundamentally different from conventional drugs. Instead of disrupting or diverting the chemistry of metabolism, they convey complex informational patterns directly from nature. These patterns trigger a kind of physiological and psychological reorganization that brings you more into synchrony with the flux and flow of the larger gestalt of which you are a part. This is healing into harmony with nature. Though gentle in their action, such remedies can have an impact that is profound and curative in a way that you may not have imagined. (Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., Radical Healing, (New York: Three Rivers Press, 1999)

How are they made... the basics

Essences are made in purified water which retains the vibrational/electrical signatures of the plant's spirit (essence).  This is called the Mother Stock. Stock and Dosage bottles are created from the Mother Stock and sold to practitioners and clients. Essences are typically preserved in brandy and can be preserved with vegetable glyceride or vinegar. Unless otherwise requested, brandy is used in all of The Essence of Life Collection.


What was the inspiration for this collection?

Elandara began making her flower essences in 2013 while living in Connecticut. One day, she was tending her garden when the brown-eyed susan plant said, "Make a solar essence of me." Surprised and delighted by this request, Elandara began to create her unique essence collection. She had studied with a flower essence practitioner many years prior to this but had not made her own essence until she received this request. When Elandara moved to upstate New York in 2015, she was guided to name her collection Essence of LIfe. 

Do I buy Stock Bottles or Dosage Bottles?

Essence of Life offers both Stock bottles and Dosage bottles. The Stock bottles are made directly from the original Mother Stock and are bottled in Miron violet glass bottles. These stock bottles are used to create dosage bottles which can be combination formulas or individual formulas. The dosage bottles 

Stock bottles will last up to 7 to 10 years because of the way they are preserved and bottled. Dosage bottles are similar to a prescription and last from 1 to 3 months, depending on how often the essences are used. 


Stock bottles are best used for flower essence practitioners who work with clients and make dosage bottles to give to them (also known as formula bottles. If you use a lot of a particular essence, then It would be economical for you to order a stock bottle and as well as a dosage bottle. Once your dosage is empty, you can refill it from your stock bottle. if you have particular formulas that are used regularly.


in Summaary,  The dosage bottle is used on a daily basis while the stock bottle is used to refill a dosage bottle. 

How do I take the essences?

Since the essences are vibrational remedies, they work best when taken more frequently.  As a general rule the more often the essences are taken is more important than the number of drops. Only a few drops of the essence are necessary. Sometimes a single drop from some of the single energy essences is sufficient because the healing water matrix is a very high frequency.  It is beneficial to use positive affirmations while taking an essence. This is a very effective way to connect with their healing qualities and enhance your intention for healing.  The elemental energies respond to your positive thoughts. Tuning into the vibration of the plant spirit while taking the essence also enhances your connection and the alchemy of healing  


A method of connecting with the plant spirit medicine can be found on the blog  The Alchemy of Healing.

General instructions for taking essences

Essences are taken orally using 4 drops 4 times daily.  A few drops can be added to water or other liquids and taken throughout the day.  They can also be used topically, as a spray or as a cream or salve. You can add them  to your bath or combine them with essential oils to use as a spray or in a diffuser.

Contact Elandara with your questions or comments. If you are interested in learning how to be a Flower Essence Practitioner, Elandara offers private classes and occasional group workshops.

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