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Native American Shields

Elandara offers Personal Power Shield workshops  and retreats for adults and children. She has been given permission to share these techniques that have been passed through the tradition of Amylee.  Shields are painted either on leather or canvas. Through the process of shamanic journeying, totems and images are received and then translated into a shield. Each step of the process has meaning and opens doors to your inner worlds. 

Shield Retreat weekends provide a safe container of time and space surrounded by the beauty and serenity at Nature's Gate.  Creating your own personal power shield is a wonderful process that can help guide your journey and deepen your connections with your guides, your totem animals, and  your ancestors.  Your shield becomes a living work of art through this intimate process and continues to evolve with your expanding consciousness.

Read more on my Creating Personal Power Shield blog

Personal Power Shield
Eagle shield - Sold
Dream Shield
Shield detail from workshop
`Eagleman shield - workshop
Workshop detail - punching the hide
School Shield residency
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