The Montessori Storybook Series is illustrated and written / published by  Elandara ( Virginia Lynn Anderson). They were inspired by a school residency with three primary classrooms at The Montessori  School of West Hartford while she lived in Connecticut. 


The books are available in either hard cover or paperback through this website as follows:

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Montessori Storybook Series

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The Calling

Inspired by the 12 Peace Prayers of the major religions, this book was originally conceived in 2004 when Elandara was in Israel during her studies as a Minister of Peace.  The great need of the current times for Global Peace and Unity, inspired the edits to the original story. The book is a calling to all Children of the Earth young and old to join together to  create peace for our beloved planet. 

"The Calling" is a  beautifully illustrated paperback  book. It is listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, however, you may order a personally signed book through this website. Fill out the information on the order form.  Each book is $10.75 plus shipping and handling. We ship media mail to keep costs down. 

Soon, there will have an interactive blog page for your comments and a place for you to add your Prayers of Peace. Exciting things are coming your way!

                                                                                      May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Poppybug! A young poppy bud sees a ladybug and believes he looks a lot like him.  
' I am Poppybug!'  announces the young bud to all off his friends in the meadow.  When they try to tell him that he is not a bug, he refuses to believe them.Finally, after speaking with Old Oak, young bud realizes that everything he will become is inside of him.

This book is beautifully illustrated and teaches about the life cycle of the poppy flower through the eyes of a young poppy flower.  This is the third book in the Montessori Storybook Series. 38 pages


The Flying Phlox
Step into a garden of delight and go with Phlox on an amaZING JOURNEY.
The garden comes alive on a magical spring morning as flowers sound a chorus accompanied by the rhythm of buzzzzzing bees. Feel as free as a bird flying over treetops, visiting with wildflowers and musical trees. As the shadows deepen, return home to the peaceful sounds of a closing day that lull you to sleep.

Every page is a visual delight with each illustration cleverly taken from a single painting. The beautiful illustrations, animated text and enchanting story will engage readers young and old. 'The Flying Phlox' expands your imagination to see beyond the ordinary world and inspires you to continue the journey beyond the pages.

The Very Lonely Garden

profound in its simplicity, is a delightful and heart warming story about two gardens. One is filled with lovely flowers, singing children and many kinds of flying and fluttering creatures. It even has a pet dragon! Next door is a very sad and lonely garden. The children have all moved away and there aren't any  butterflies, birds or bees. The story teaches us about compassion, caring and taking action. it illuminates how sharing joy and friendship makes an impact that is felt around the world.

Just as in 'The Flying Phlox' book, all of the illustrations are taken from a single painting and add to the charm of this lovely story. The nature and character building themes are universal and perfect for teachers, parents and caregivers.