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We are meant to live an abundant life filled with Joy, Love, Abundance and Beauty!

It is TIME to fully embody WHO WE ARE!


"Natures Gate is a divine sanctuary that I wish for everyone to experience in one way or another. With 80 acres of pristine forest and gardens to roam, I never experienced a shortage of beauty to discover. What made the experience of Natures Gate so special was the genuine welcome my friend and I received from the host, Elandara, during our stay. Through everything from the ceremony to casual conversation, Elandara shared with us her sacred connection to the land in a way that illuminated the pristine magic from the space. Her presence brought the whole place to life. I am very thankful for the generosity of both Natures Gate and Elandara and the healing effect the experience continues to have on me to this day. " Shelby, Seattle, WA


"I have never felt so transformed after spending three weeks at Natures Gate Retreat Center. Each day brought new layers of healing to my life, allowing me to dive deeper into myself and my spiritual practices. Words cannot even describe how magnificent the energy is all around the center. I experienced Natures Gate healing centers everywhere I went, which tapped into my being and ultimately transformed me inside and out! I left with new profound understandings and wisdom about my life and my life's purpose. I feel as if I understand myself so much better simply by immersing myself in the abundant nature. I also feel like I have a new understanding of my relationship with nature and what it really means to be living and working together with nature, instead of being separate from it. I would recommend that everyone spend time at Natures Gate, truly to experience the wonderful healing powers it offers so you can take it back into life and be a vessel of love and light for those around you.

Elandara was the best host and guide and was always so open to sharing her wisdom and knowledge with us.  I can not wait to go back! "  Anna B. from Seattle, WA

 "Natures Gate offers an immersion in silence and nature. One can unplug from the loud busy world and renew, rejuvenate and relax deeply. That alone is PRICELESS!. Receiving healing and personal attention from Elandara on a personal retreat can move mountains. I am basking in the afterglow of

this deep, transformative experience. Many thanks, Elandara and Nature's Gate. VB from Massachusetts

"To be honest, my heart was shattered before coming here (to Natures Gate). My partner of 6 years decided to move out with out me. I would carry whatever little pieces I had left of me in the bags under my eyes. This Place; Sanctuary, helped mend my heart and soul...... 

Read by the tree in the morning and let the sun kiss your skin. Let the silence and sound of nature in and breath." Mark from a weekend R & R

​                                                      Your customized retreat s waiting for you!


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