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Mission Statement  ~  Create, Inspire and Empower

Elandara is a renaissance woman at heart and specializes in personal empowerment, evolution and creating new models for our New Earth. She is a Master Healer, utilizing a range of modalities to assist you in releasing old patterns and return to balance. She is a visionary artist, flower essence practitioner, writes and illustrates children's picture books, and leads retreats and workshops that inspire and empower others to be their best self.


As a land steward of an 80 acre retreat center, Elandara is co-creating a new model of stewardship. The Sanctuary at Natures Gate is a template for the New Earth.

Read more about the property and accommodations on this link


Angelic Healing  

As a channel with the spiritual realm, Elandara helps clients understand and release restrictions at their inception.  During a healing session, many spiritual  guides are present to assist with the work.  Elandara is an open and clear channel for these beings of light and assists clients to clear old patterning, awaken to their divine nature and live their lives more fully.  YOU are the true healer in this team and Elandara is an open and compassionate channel assisting you in your healing process.

Your healing session may incorporate a number of healing modalities and tools. Some of these include CranioSacral Healing and SomatoEmotional Release work, sound healing, shamanic soul retrieval and or extractions, DNA activations, past life lessons REIKI.This multi-modal approach has developed over the years into a very personalized approach. Her many years of practice offers a large "medicine bag"  which she utilizes as needed to assist you according to the highest good. Elandara utilizes her skills as a sensitive intuitive and trained practitioner to bring you into greater balance and healing. Read the testimonials below.

Essence of Life flower and energy essence Consultation Services

Essence of Life is a unique collection of high vibrational flower and energy essences which Elandara began over 15 years ago. The flower and energy essences come from her gardens and her amazing portal of light at Nature's Gate.  They support your healing from emotional and spiritual traumas. These essences assist with your soul development and are complementary to other forms of healing.  During a Flower essence consultation, Elandara skillfully works with you to establish goals. She offers you the perfect custom combination of essences and hands-on healing therapies.


Essence of Life is continually expanding the individual flower essences and energy essences. Unique to the collection are energy essences such as 13 Tijax, a Maya Day essence, The Great American Eclipse, and Ascended Master Essences.

The Ascended Master Essences includes Healing Hands, an energy infusion from Master Hilarion, enhanced with the essence of Green Andara Glass which holds the energies of prima matra, (original design).  El Moyra is an essence for Divine Will and constancy. It is a blue ray essence enhanced with a bloodstone crystal essence. Madonna is a Divine Mother / Immaculate concept essence that assists us in birthing the New Earth energies..


"Alchemy on the Pond" is the newest collection that combines flower essences with specific plasma rays for enhanced vibrational effectiveness. Mother Mary assisted with this collection to add the plasma energies which help to ground the frequencies into your body. You can read about this collection on the blog page.

Elandara works in direct communication with the plant spirits, Mother Earth, and her spiritual guides to create all of her essences. Custom formulations are now being enhanced with specific plasma light to assist you with your spiritual embodiment. This is truly a gift given from on high! to Elandara for her healing work with you.

To find out more about this opportunity to expand your soul development, follow these links:

Flower Essence FAQ

Essence of Life Collection 

Sound Healing and Vibrational healing tools

Healing sessions often incorporate voice as well as crystal singing pyramids, singing bowls, and drums. These raise the vibration of the body and release blocks and old patterning. The singing pyramids activate DNA patterning and bring in the new earth vibrations from the cosmos.  

Rates for Healing Services

Standard rates for professional services:

1.5 hours  $150      

1 hour:  $85.   Sliding scale is considered ~ inquire.

Flower Essence Consultations:

$100 includes a 1-hour consultation and a custom combination dosage

bottle of flower essences. 













I’m delighted to offer a testimonial for Elandara and her wide range of talents and tools for creating transformation on both the personal and global levels.  Our paths first intersected in 2004 when we became friends through the seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.  I knew immediately that Eland Ra was a Soul Sister, walking her own path of transformation while gracefully supporting others to walk their unique paths. Over the years I have sought Eland Ra’s loving wisdom, intuitive healing and spiritual perspective many times, and each time have come away with new understanding, deep healing and a sense of having been seen, heard and accepted. Eland Ra has been a model of listening to, and following her spiritual guidance, even when that has entailed difficult change. 

In addition to her individual healing work, Elandara brings her talents as an artist, musician, and natural teacher to community events, spiritual venues and workshops.  She has a special way of making participants feel connected and inspired.  She has a deep connection with nature and has been guided to create powerful healing essences from local flowers and plants.

Elandara is a true gift, a talented healer and visionary who walks her talk and lives in deep relationship with, and trust in, her spiritual guidance.  I would highly recommend working with Elandara, whether it be 1-1, in a workshop, community event or through her healing essences.

Catherine Ewing, LCSW, MDiv


I have had the privilege to receive  expert co-counseling with Elandara for over ten years. Her guidance, wisdom, shamanic healing and creativity has profoundly guided my life and art. I have also received her professional facilitation in workshops in dance, creative movement and shamanic group work. Elandara is

a gifted Master teacher in Sacred healing arts, particularly intuition, creativity and empowerment.


Natalie,  Glastonbury CT 

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