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The Golden Chalice ~ a daily prayer cauldron

Watercolor Painting "The Chalice"

The creation of The Golden Chalice was inspired by a message left on my answering machine by a woman in distress seeking help for herself and her son. I had just returned from an the most life changing experience of my life. I was one of the many participants at the 31st annual World Congress of Illumination where people from around the world joined with "The Company of Heaven" to anchor in the Golden Ray of Eternal Love and Infinite Abundance. To say the least, I was indeed glowing and ready for a new level of service.

I returned the phone call and spoke to Caroline. In desperation and seeking help, she had begun dialing numbers and literally called out for help. After hearing her story, I knew that what she needed in the moment was to be held in the full embrace and radiance of her own heart center. It was my calling to assist her with that. Since I am empathic, I could feel her distress and the toxic energy field that she was sitting in and began guiding her into her Sacred Heart Center and her Three-Fold Flame. She shared with me that both she and her son were very drawn to the mystical traditions and wanted to know where they could reconnect with that. Our angels were certainly at play in bringing us together! We called in Lord St. Germaine and the 5th dimensional crystalline Violet Flame of Transformation to assist with clearing her aura. I explained that I did not know anything about of the resources in her area since I had only moved here 2 years ago. I did mention that I have a friend, Heather, who may be able to help and would contact her.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I was guided to create The Golden Chalice and begin the practice of offering daily prayer services to those in need. Immediately, I wrote Caroline's name down on a piece of paper and placed it in my Tibetan Singing Bowl, lit a candle and began praying for her. In order to expand this offering out to the world, I added a page to my website and posted on facebook. Even though facebook is a hit or miss news feed and I don't do twitter or care to keep up with the fast paced energies of other social media such as twitter, I knew that by taking this action the angels would assist with any next steps.

Over the next three days, Caroline continued to call daily. She was mostly concerned about her son and getting him help. She wanted to move out of her current housing situation and needed help with transportation. She asked me if I would take them to visit a place nearby where the Blessed Virgin Mary's energies appear so we could pray for help. I felt the resonance with that and said, yes, I would and assured her that there was "no emergency" as she had stated. I asked her to be patient and said that I was meeting my friend, Heather, on Thursday and would get back to her on Friday.

Thursday evenings I volunteer at the newly created "Healing Springs" Recovery center in Saratoga Springs. Heather comes to my "Moving Meditation" class to offer support and also because it is a lot of fun! When I told her about Christine and her need for finding alternate housing. Heather buckled at the knees. She said that several others had been coming to her for help this week looking for alternative housing and said, "It's happening". She has known for some time that she'd be assisting in this way and it was now unfolding.

At The Recovery Center, Heather and I began talking to Fawn, the Coordinator of the Healing and Recovery Services. In our conversation, I realized that they may be a wonderful resource to help Caroline and her son who had addiction problems. Fawn shared with us her life changing recovery story that led her to her current work at the center. She gave me her business card and suggested that Caroline call her. She also told me that there is a bus line from where Caroline lives to the center. The dots were beginning to connect and I felt a wave of relief. Within less than a week, seeds were planted for Caroline's needs to be met through spiritual guidance, help with housing, and connection to a recovery community. I will keep you posted as to how this story unfolds.

Magic is in the air and the angels are always here assisting. We simply need to trust, stay open, ask for help and follow our inner promptings. I offer this Golden Chalice to anyone who is reaching out for help with healing and deeper connection with your higher self and guides. Add your name to the prayer circle by contacting me through this website. I am sure that this, too is a seed for me to expand my angelic healing services out into the world. We are ALL so blessed and divine and are returning to ONEness through our Holy Christed I AM presence.

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