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Alchemy on the Pond

Now that the summer is officially over and the autumn colors have set in, I feel the excitement of cooler nights, leaves slowly changing colors and falling to the earth, garden harvest bounty and the glow of sitting around the campfire with friends. This has been a quiet year of what has felt like a pregnancy.... 2017 was a huge year of growth and visions, teachings and programs. This year has been a huge gestation and a big shift from constantly doing into opening up to receiving. Learning how to be the container, the chalice and to open up to receiving help from spirit, from new friends and collaborators is a wonderful change!

I would like to share with you a wondrous experience that led to my new "Alchemy on the Pond Collection." It is a unique collaboration with my beloved twin, Kumari, who lives in Europe. I am not aware of any other essences being created in this way. He and I have been doing some ling distance work with my Essence of Life Collection and I was looking forward to creating an essence together for his clients. Mother Mary began working with Kumari to show him how to infuse plasma with specific vibrations of the 5th dimensional crystalline light. In August, we were in Hawaii and created our first essence together using this plasma light. That created a foundation for the long distance collaboration that resulted in this new alchemical and transformative collection.

Change comes in many ways for all of us, and for me surrendering to spontaneous bouts of reverie is exhilarating. Recently, I was getting ready to dig in and create my list of to dos which included budgeting.... Uggggh... NOT my favorite thing to do! I decided I needed to jump into the pond before I began. It had been a very hot summer and my tiny pond is incredibly refreshing with several springs rising up from below keeping the temperatures quite cool. there are beautiful and mysterious flowers that I have not seen before growing around the pond and on the moss at the waterfall stone. As I dove in and relaxed into the refreshing waters, my attention shifted to the surrounding flowers.

I began spontaneously singing to the asters and then to the other flowers that were catching my attention one by one. As I sang, I asked them to tell me about their energetic essence. Communicating with the nature spirits is on e of my favorite things to do! One by sone their messages came through as I sang. The entire experience was delightful and filled with magic. I recorded in my journal what I had heard, felt and sung and knew the I would began creating their essences with the next sunny morning.

When I told my beloved, Kumari, about my pond experience and the new essences I was going to make, he was instantly guided to infuse them with specific plasma rays. I was completely spellbound by the way he immediately tapped into the energy of the flowers that I had just experienced. He had not seen them and I had not described them to him. It was an amazing experience to listen to him describe what he felt with each flower and hear about the qualities of the plasma rays that were chosen for each flower essence. We also discussed names for the individual essences that would capture their divine quality.

We are thrilled to introduce you to this new collection! All of the essences are filled with diamond light, joy and love. They are offered as single formulas, or as a combination formula that includes all 5 flowers. Below are the 5 flowers and their qualities. They are also listed on my the Essence of Life web page.

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