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Spring has Sprung and the flower essences are growing!

I feel like Santa getting gifts ready everyone. A friend called today and asked how I was doing and I told her that I was enamored with speaking with Marsh Marigold. She was amazingly talkative and greeted me with her message, "I radiate light to all that surrounds me." Quickly she followed up with "Thank you for noticing me!" She grows in shady swampy areas and alongside river and stream banks. Her bright yellow gold star like flowers spiraled around in my minds eye as I began to connect with her more deeply. It was clear that she supports anyone who is a shrinking violet (pardon the floral metaphor) or who feels like they are not noticed or are invisible. As I was contemplating what simple affirmation to assign to her essence label, "I AM a STAR!" flew right in. Not shy at all, for sure.

A few days ago I was so excited to create an essence with apple blossom. I have orchards on my property and last year the trees barely bloomed. I waited and hoped for an abundant season this year and we certainly got it. They are overflowing with blooms and I am really thrilled to get to know her. She had a lot to say, more than most essence that I talk with. Initially she expressed that she brings beauty and said "You are the apple of my eye!"… quite a loving and adoring message. Who wouldn't want to feel like that! She also reflects a playful grounded nature mirroring the dance like quality of her winding textured trunks and limbs. As I continued to get to know her she expressed the message to "Lighten up" and "Come play with me". When I reflected upon her many messages, I could see that when you embrace a childlike playful nature, you look and feel more beautiful and young again. She helps you to not take life so seriously and enjoy the dance of life!

I feel so fortunate to be living on this beautiful property and be surrounded by so many amazing nature spirits.

Marsh Marigold invites you to be a STAR!

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