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The Beginning....Blue Star Teachings

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Ok folks, here we go…. I am stepping waaay out of my comfort zone by creating a blog, but I feel incredibly inspired and the great need to share the wisdom teachings that are coming through. In this blog I share my process...perhaps it will give you courage to trust your inner guidance and inspire you to come to the workshop. I welcome your comments.

Thank you to Susan Cuda of Namaste Yoga Saratoga for catalyzing this blog......

We had set up a planning session to discuss bringing a workshop to her studio. As I prepared for our conversation, I jotted down a list of a variety of workshops that I have offered when I lived in Connecticut. After creating that list, the words "Blue Star Teachings" quietly came slipping in through the cracks. Given that this sort of happening is not entirely unusual for me, I added that it to the list of topics to discuss. I checked on-line and on You Tube before meeting with Susan to see if there was any reference for Blue Star Teachings and found a few videos. As I watched it, I felt resonance with the fact that these are teachings that our ancient elders have passed on. I realized that I needed to continue trusting what I received and turn off the video.

Once Susan and I began talking I felt that the Blue Star Teachings were aligned with the needs of her studio in offering programs that helped people connect with the earth as well as have an expanded view of where we are from. I shared what I had just received with Susan and we began the process of putting together the ideas for the workshop. During our discussion, more guidance from spirit came through helping me frame the content and direction. I was guided to offer an introduction to the Blue Star Teachings through a process called "The Oneness Technique." As this information was new for me in the way it was being given, I knew I was receiving clear guidance AND being tested to trust that guidance.

Right after speaking with Susan, I was pulsing with a combination of fear and excitement. Because this opportunity was new, and it appeared that the workshop material was also new, I felt vulnerable. Rather than bury those emotions, I began pacing around the room and feeling all that was coming through my body. I picked up my recorder and began to simply speak in a stream of consciousness. It helped to go outside to ground while I was recording and the fresh air was wonderful!. I recorded for about a half an hour till I got to the point of feeling that I understood the basics of what wanted to be taught and how the Oneness Technique wanted to be experienced. I knew that the rest of the information would come through in writing.

Susan suggested that it would be a good idea to have either a blog or to do a video so people would have a better idea of who I am and what I offer as a teacher. I wasn't quite ready to do a video, and I wasn't quite sure about blogging, but I do know the power of breaking through fears.

So here we are…my first blog aptly named “Blue Star Blog “ for the inspiration and wisdom that moved me to begin. Blue is the color of the first Divine Ray and represents courage, divine will, wisdom in action. There is so much synchronicity in my life lately particularly around the Blue Ray! It is no surprise that these teachings are coming in for me to share. It is time that we understand our starry origins and our divine calling. We are in the midst of a huge change and the doors are flying open. We are truly creating a new story, but the Universal Laws will always apply to us. I am in deep gratitude for the guidance coming through and love knowing that the origin of the teachings come from the Blue Star, Sirius. I am deeply honored to have this opportunity to share them.


Here we are on May 22nd and the workshop at Namaste Yoga is approaching! Since I began this blog in February, more has occurred and I am excited that the workshop is around the corner. A greater understanding of what the class is about has come through and I now understand the importance of why I have been asked to offer this program.

A few months ago, I was taken on a journey by one of the ascended masters and shown the energy and the joy that the ONEness Technique brings. Several years ago I received a vision and created a painting of the Crystalline Dolphin Portal (image above) Little did I know at the time the true energy of that vision. It captures the joy and crystal clear energy of the Beloved Christed energies that existed during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria before "The Fall". Those of us who are here now came back to fulfill the prophesies of the Rainbow Warriors and return to the light. A few years ago I had gotten chills (truth bumps) when I heard that only the bravest of the brave have come to the planet at this time....So, take courage, you are not alone, though sometimes it feels that way.

We are in the midst of a HUGE Shift as the Aquarian energies continue to unfold. The turmoil and the polarity that is expressing through the mainstream media is a reflection of the old ways of being that are dying. It is the opposite of what is truly going on in the inner realms. Our consciousness is expanding all the time and that light is pushing the shadow up to the surface. The light-workers on this planet are working overtime to help transmute the old mis-created thought forms and actions of the past. I have had numerous experiences of being brought to my knees to ask forgiveness as I realize that I have not only been the perpetrator, but the one who has been perpetrated upon. It is time for returning to balance from the old karma we have all created. Forgiveness is huge as is acceptance and compassion. Standing up from a place of truth and love, is the path of a true warrior! We are being asked to disconnect from the polarity, embrace the shadow and realize that we are here to create a New World of Peace, Prosperity and Love. I know that is why I am here, and I also know that I am not alone in this. I hope you will join me in this courageous and important work.

The Blue Star Teachings are all about how to co-create this new world together! This part is not new, but it is time to really embody those cosmic teachings. That is why I have been asked to offer an experience of Oneness on June 4th. We are here to BE That Oneness! For some that is easy, for others, it is unimaginable. I understand.

Susan Cuda filmed an interview / video invite last week with me and asked some important questions prior to filming. What will people get out of coming to the workshop and why is that important? My answer to that is they will hopefully receive an expanded awareness about who they are and embody / ground that awareness so they can live their life in more of the truth of who they are as a do-creator of the New Earth. We need to embody our soul and live from our hearts with compassion for all beings. We are on the ascension path and it is time for this to unfold exponentially through the way we live together on this small planet.

I have a great gift for everyone who comes to the workshop! I will be creating an high vibrational flower and energy essence for the class. Everyone who comes will receive a free 1 oz bottle of ONEness Essence.

Join us on June 4th, 1-4pm at Namaste Yoga Saratoga. Here is a link to register for the workshop:

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