Workshops and Events

Spring Classes and Gatherings 

We look forward to having outdoor fire circles, and ceremonial gatherings as we emerge out of our Wintertime hibernation. We all yearn for reconnecting and celebrating our re-emergence! in the meantime, check out the online event below:

June events

The Month of May is the most spiritual month of the year. WE will be offer New and  Full Moon  gatherings.  


New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse Gathering

in person

Thursday, June 10

7:00 - 8:30pm

Thursday's New moon and Solar eclipse are part of an eclipse corridor that culminate in the 888 Lions Gate, August 8th. Stay grounded and nourish yourself as we continue to accelerate in these New Earth" energies.  We will  support one another and open to the New as we gather together around the sacred fire.  
( if raining, it will be moved indoors to the main house .)

All Eclipses signify opportunities for change and assist us in our evolution. This lunar eclipse will be a very powerful time of cleansing and renewal / inspiration / shifting old patterns. This is a wonderful time to let go of what no longer serves us and we will use the energies of the Sacred Fire to burn away and create the new.

Bring anything that calls to you such as a musical instrument, a poem, reading, song. If you are prompted to bring a reading, please share something pertinent to the energies of the evening.. either personal, or global. Full moon energies represent the culmination of the fullness of the light, a powerful time to release old energies and to expand the fullness of what you are manifesting / being.

Please RSVP and let me know what guests you are bringing.
Looking forward to being with you in sacred space!

Bring something to share that represents this new Spring season for you, a poem, a song, a musical instrument, or whatever calls to you. 

Donations greatly appreciated via the PayPal link above,  or in the "donation basket " at the door. 

Descent to Heaven ~ Sacred Circle of Sharing 

Event by Katrina Coravos and Elandara Anderson

Online  Zoom Event

 June 17  7:00 - 8:00pm EST

Donations gratefully accepted ~ will go towards funding Natures Gate Land Trust

Katrina Coravos and Elandara join together again in a beautiful tapestry of  "The Talking Circle "


What is emerging within us as we are creating the world we wish to see?  
What is speaking and calling us forward in this new opportunity of existence?

We are calling in a group of people who are hearing a deep call into the Earth’s currents and interwebs to discover the root systems that exist deep within Her that hold the wisdom of the ages. 
We are calling in the water carriers whose vessels are pouring the waters of remembrance onto the Earth. 
We are calling in those awakening souls who are feeling the light pouring down from the heavens and the pulsations echoing beneath our feet and in our bones.
We are calling in a circle to amplify and weave our voices, sights, and visions together with the focus being on how we are called “down” into Her energies to bring us “up” into Heaven.  
We are calling in the ones who are listening deeply to the heartbeat of the Ancient Cosmic Mother, as She calls us home with Her ancient song.

The intention of this month's sharing circle is to look at how the deep roots of the Mother and the cosmic expansiveness of the Universe meet in the middle of our hearts. And in this place of centered-ness, what is now emerging and stepping forward. 

This circle is an invitation to come together to explore, communicate, and connect with one another. Through the magic of the circle, our voices can synergize the wisdom that is coming through. 


Sliding scale heart offering in the spirit of reciprocity: $10-$35 
Via paypal:
Proceeds will go towards the legal fees needed to create a private land trust for The Sanctuary at Nature's Gate.
Natures Gate, located in upstate New York is a new model for land stewardship dedicated to awakening consciousness and co-creative community. For more information:

If your heart feels this call, please register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to join us.

Durga Ma's Mahasamhadi ~ Summer Solstice

in person Celebration and Retreat

Friday June 18  through  Sunday 20 events 

options below: 

You are invited to Join Elandara and  Anandi on Friday and Saturday to celebrate Durga Ma's Mahasamhadi. Two years ago on Summer Solstice, 2019, Durga Ma made her final transition here at The Sanctuary at Natures Gate. Her presence  during her stay and final tasing consecrated the sacred land where Elandara resides. 


We are thrilled to come together with you for this auspicious time. 


In the tradition of the Gurus who pass on, this transition is celebrated as a wonderful event shared by many. Those who achieve Mahasamahdi do not incarnate and are honored by their devotees during both their birth and life dates.  We are honoring Durga Ma's contributions with you  through the weekend with Satsang and Meditation. You may come for one or both events, or choose to create a weekend retreat and extend your stay through Sunday, Summer Solstice.  

Friday: Doors Open 6:30  / Satsang at  7:00pm  

Saturday Doors open 10:30 / Meditation at 11:00 followed by a pot luck brunch

Sunday Solstice Gathering 12:00 noon ~ Universal Portal

Donations  gratefully accepted 

Contact Elandara about overnight options at Natures Gate 

$25 pp / night bring own tent / bedding and linens

Campground and Bohemian Bungalow (indoor camping for up to 5)

You can read more about Durga Ma on the ISLAdevi website: 





Customized Personal Retreats with Elandara ~ online or in person

New Offering

During these current times, many are choosing to stay within the "cocoon" of their own homes.  I have added the option for you to be supported while you take the inward dive into your inner worlds. This is a very precious time for all of us to  take advantage of the "shut down" and have our own personal retreat. 

I am here to support you and explore together the most opportune personal retreat and receive support for your awakening consciousness. We can set up a phone call or a zoom chat and create your own personalized retreat.


In Person retreats at Natures Gate Retreat Center - Spring Forward

Are you needing renewal? Do you feel stuck? Looking for time and space for your spiritual and personal growth? Natures Gate Retreat Center is the perfect place for you. Elandara will work with you to provide a customized retreat to suit your needs. Combining intuitive counseling, hands on angelic healing, flower essence consultations and customized formulas, and the gentle love and nurturing guidance of a masterful teacher and healer.

For a more detailed description of the services offered, go to the Healing Arts and Products link.



The Sanctuary at Natures Gate ~  Hosting your special Retreat

Are you looking for an intimate setting to host your special retreat? Contact Elandara to discuss availability and options.

Read about our retreat options on the  Natures Gate Retreat  website