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Perfectly Imperfect

This past weekend I had the most wonderful experience of working with retreat guest who asked me to create flower and energy essences for her and her family. As I was tidying up my work area for the consult, I noticed the flower arrangement had flowers that were beginning to droop and fall to the counter. I was going to take the droopy ones out of the vase and rearrange the ones that were looking fresh and standing tall. I looked more carefully at the flowers and realized they were the perfect metaphor for the client consultation. I chose to leave the arrangement "as is."

I showed my client the flowers and pointed out how half were dropping away and the other half were still standing tall. I said "perfectly imperfect" and she smiled in warn recognition. Perfectly imperfect was a great statement of acceptance of the difficulties her family was experiencing because of past traumas. I often use that for my own self talk to keep me from judging myself harshly.

This particular metaphor was wonderful for the discussion we were about to have. Without violating any confidentiality about her family situation, I can share with you that each of her children were adopted and had severe traumas that seriously affect their behaviors. While each children have unique ways the traumas present there is a global effect on the culture of the family. I knew right away that each child would receive my Release and Renew remedy in addition to other essences and address their other individual needs.

"Perfectly Imperfect" applies not only to the healthy attitude of accepting challenging behaviors without judgement, but also the ups and downs of life. When approaching something that we want to change, it is important to bring in compassion and acceptance. Too often we see something as "wrong" and then a label gets attached to the behavior and then there is an unkind fixed box that creates limitations. This type of aversion can and often becomes toxic. Do these patterns sound familiar to you? I know they have been part of my experience and my opportunity to learn and grow from that negative thinking.

I salute the people who are teachers, health practitioners and counselors as well as the many people who are doing the best they can to be more kind and loving so we can truly heal and live a joy filled life of love.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with this mother and put together amazing combination formulas for her to take home and use with her family. Healing takes time especially when recovering from sever traumas. It takes lots and lots of patience, compassion, love and acceptance as we hold the vision of hope for wholeness. If we can begin with being perfectly imperfect, then I think that is a great start!

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