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Finding LOVE

It is a little after noon and as I connected through the sound of AH and OM at 12:00 pm EST, I connected with others toning around the world at their noon time and their NOW time sending a collective wave of LOVE around our precious planet. Today is the 17th Annual World Sound Healing Day and my thoughts are focused on this activity of light as well as others who may not be feeling the love in their own world.

My heart is brimming over with love, but it has not always felt that way. I have deep compassion for the emptiness and pain that others may be feeling and so I am taking the time today to share a bit of my story. I was a happy child and well cared for and my awareness that I did not feel true love in my heart came after my mother had passed away. I grew up with loving parents but I don't recall them ever saying that they loved me. When I got married, I experienced the exact opposite. Bill and I said "I love You" every day, and he was raised with parents who expressed their emotions very openly. When my mother passed away in her mid 60s, I was in my mid 30s and I became ridden with guilt about my relationship with my mother and the lack of love. There was appreciation and gratitude for sure, but something really big was missing.

I was just waking up to my spiritual path and connecting with my angels and guides. I prayed and prayed for forgiveness for the way I had been as a daughter, I prayed for the emptiness and guilt in my heart to be healed. I prayed to connect with my mother who had passed away. There was such a deep yearning in my heart for this. The yearning and the search for love continued for many years as I sought to understand my life, my self, and my world.

One morning almost 10 years after my mother had passed, I woke up and a tremendous pink light filled my bedroom. My heart expanded and I felt the love that the light was bathing me with. It was amazing and nothing I had ever experienced before or since. I knew it was an answer to my prayer and I was finally ready to receive it! Tears flowed down my face and I bathed in the light.

There is more to the unfoldment of how love has had her way with me to open me even further, but I will save that for a future blog. Today, I write to share with you my compassion and share that prayer does work. Hopefully your prayers will not take 10 years to be answered! I don't judge the time that this took me. There is a power so much greater than my small self that brought me that gift exactly at the right time for me.

From where I now sit in my life, I can truthfully say that the pink light that brought my heart love and forgiveness was only just a beginning for me. I send love compassion and mercy out to all of you who read this and pray that your heart opens to the Love and the Light that never fails. True love comes from within, but when that is not showing up, God sends us lovers, friends, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, children and so much more. If we are willing, life carries us along the path of Love so we can remember who we truly are.

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