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Transformation and Creativity

"Beyond the Mask" by Elandara ~ multidimensional painting

Inspiration, Creativity and Light Expanding into multidimensional fields of new reality.... This is the transformational process where I thrive. The image above was created many years ago when I first began painting. I had recently been divorced and was diving into new adventures which offered a lot of creative expression.

I am a self taught artist and allow the media that I work with to inspire me. I love to empower others to do the same and often incorporate art along with the meditation experiences that I lead. I often find myself in spontaneous movement and dance. There is so much joy and creative expression coming from my body when I allow this to come through. Songs and tones emanate from my being as unbridled vocal tones. Poetry sometimes follows or precedes such reveries....

THIS spontaneous expression is the truest aspect of my nature.

THIS FREEDOM does not wish to be contained.

THIS wants to be a shared experience!

Invite YOURSELF inward and then outward so you can emerge as the truest aspect of YOUR nature! We are one big rainbow family of light emanating love, emanating our own unique individual spark of life!

I realize that not everyone feels safe to express so openly and I find myself being bold enough to model this for others AND hold deep compassion for those who are not ready to be that open and free! I yearn to be in circle with others who are willing to to step out and share their unique voice... their unique expression.

THAT iS WHY I AM HERE! To offer spaces for silence, spaces to listen, spaces to be creative and space to share on this sacred land I call home at Natures Gate.

I must confess that I did not start out this blog thinking I would write what just came out. I am glad that I allowed myself to flow with the stream of consciousness from my deep heart to your eyes and your heart.

Now that has been shouted from the rooftops, I will share a word or two about the my experience with discovering my Inner Teacher....

When I first began my more conscious awakening process, I found myself in a class with a man who became my first true Teacher. I was a new mom in my middle 30s and had left my career as an interior designer behind to be a full time mother. I was feeling shallow with my life and a bit lost in my soul. Being a mother was a huge gift, but I needed more and missed the creativity that I loved as a designer.

I was living in West Hartford, Connecticut and saw a flyer that described a workshop that caught my attention. The words creativity popped out of the page and I signed up not knowing what I was going to.

The class was taught my Don Hayes who became my metaphysical teacher and first healing teacher! My soul's desire for MORE led me right to his door and my life began to change! One of the many messages he taught me is coming to greater awareness now.

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

My deepening journey into the spiritual realm took off fast. It began that night in class when I saw auras around all the ceiling lights could hear words that my teacher spoke before he said them. You might say WOW! but I was frightened and did not know what was going on. I opened up very fast to the spiritual world because I was ready.

This experience 30 years ago of meeting my first real teacher led me on a path that was both an inner and outer journey. The early teachings helped me to evolve deeply into myself as a healer and a spiritual person through meditation, retreats, the practice of Tai Chi / Qi Gong and yoga. My knowledge came through outer teachers and life's experiences. Through meditation, my inner guides would appear and offer messages and I saw vague images, but my inner vision was not fully opened up.

Yesterday, I had a beautiful awareness that my experience has shifted to my inner teacher as I am now being visited by various ascended beings who are taking me under their wings to show me inner worlds. Yesterday, I heard "When the student is ready, the Teacher appears" and had one of those flashes of awareness that brings new understanding to that phrase. My inner teacher, literally, GURUS from the past are taking my hand and guiding me into new realms. This awareness was like another epiphany for me as the words of the Teacher appearing was illuminated in one of those "AHA" moments.

I am experiencing the multi-dimensional world of imagination. It is very shamanic in its nature. To a "normal" mind one may say that it is not real. But for me it is where I truly exist.


Don't let anyone ever tell you that you are crazy for seeing "differently". When we allow fantasy to emerge, we find ourselves in new worlds of creativity and beauty! The mind is tricky and it is important to have the right "tools" to have context for the limitlessness of this experience. The inner realms emerge from my heart, not my mind. There is a lovely connection between mind and heart that allows me to assimilate what I am seeing and feeling.

I find that some fear and doubt sometimes comes up as I am brought into these realms. When that occurs, I bring in the violet light of transformation and check in through my diamond heart to know that all is well. Sometimes I will abort my meditation. and come back to it when I am ready or guided to return to that stream of consciousness. I always do what I feel safe with so I am able to stay grounded and balanced within this amazing adventure. (Sometime I will share with you why safety is so important for me in the hope that it will help you to take things one step at a time.)

I am like a newly emerging butterfly

spreading her wings

diving into this world

of form

and formlessness.

Come PLAY with ME

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