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Plant Spirits and the Alchemy of Healing

A message to all whom are committed to the service of healing ourselves and this planet.

The secret to healing when working with plant medicine is the understanding of our Oneness with of all of Life. The material aspect of medicine is only one aspect of healing. True healing occurs and the true nature of medicines are fully alive when all levels of our beings are consciously engaged.

The aliveness and the effectiveness of medicines are exponentially useful when the spirit of the medicine is honored and engaged in the process of its use.

The ideal situation is when the manufacturing of a medicine is done with the full co-operation of the spiritual world combined with the gratitude for Life. If medicines are made without the conscious cooperation with Mother Earth and her Nature Spirits / Devas, then this can be remedied by calling upon the specific plant spirits that are contained in a bottle of an essential oil. (When working with a blended oil, ask each of the spirits of the plants used to be with you.)

To begin, be humble and open in your heart center, feel yourself grounded and aligned with both heaven and earth and all around your field of energy / aura. With gratitude in your heart, thank the plant spirits for their life and their medicine. Ask forgiveness for any act of unconsciousness that may have occurred in their manufacturing or handling. And ask that their healing power and gifts of their medicine be received. Feel the beneficial qualities entering into you at all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and physically. Feel the nature spirits that you have just called in present in your aura. You may notice an accelerated joy in your heart even before taking the medicine.

Hold this gratitude and this full feeling in your heart. Know that you are now receiving the benefits given to you by the Nature Spirits. Stating a positive affirmations such as “I AM Now .... help seal in your knowing.

Allow this practice to apply to your life in the food that you eat, the medicines that you take and the manner in which you open up to the true magic and mystery of healing through conscious co- creation with The All That Is.

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