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For the Next 7 Generations

For the past several weeks I have been hearing chain saws and trees thundering to the ground behind my property. Last week I decided to follow the sound to see the extent of the tree cutting. I had noticed that there were pink plastic marker tapes hanging off of branches alongside the barbed wire that identifies most of my property. At the time, I didn't think anything of it except that perhaps my neighbor was doing a survey. When I walked up the hill to get a glimpse of the cutting, I was guided to stop near a large pine tree at the edge of my property and pray.

I admit, I am a full on tree hugger, and being a steward of 80 acres, I have a lot of trees that I hug and talk to. They are family to me.... friends....and I can't live without them. No one can! So, I began to sing to the pine tree a prayer of forgiveness. I felt sad, felt helpless, but knew prayers would be appreciated. At the very least, I would feel better doing SOMETHING.

Since the chainsaws were quiet, and heard a truck pull away, I knew it was safe to walk up to see what was really happening. Two years ago, another parcel behind my house had some extensive clear cutting done and I hoped and prayed that was not happening so close to my land. It is hard to see the land totally scarred even though I know it will grow back.

When I got up to the logging trail, I could see that beautiful mature trees were topped, stumps left to bleed and many smaller trees were laying down from the crush of the fallen trees.

My heart sank.

I was relieved that no clear cutting was going on, but many trees were marked with blue paint. The stumps that I saw had the blue paint at the ground level. I placed my hand on the stumps that were cut and prayed for forgiveness. I found two wedges that were on the ground. One was from an oak and one from a birch. With deep sorrow, I carried them down the hill to my property and walked over to the area where a future gazebo honoring Pallas Athena is planned and to the small stone altar that I have dedicated to her.

Lovingly, I placed the oak wedge on Athena's altar, honoring the life of the huge oak and asking for prayers of forgiveness for harm that may have occurred to the trees by unconsciousness. I was guided to place the birch wedge "heart to heart" with the Grandmother Apple tree near my home. She is the Guardian Tree for Nature's Gate and is a huge elder apple.

I didn't know what else to do... My heart was sad, I felt helpless to do anything about the cutting, helpless about the unconsciousness of most of humanity and the harm that is being done to the Nature Spirits everyday.

On top of the helplessness, I felt a lot of compassion. That feeling is is a constant chorus in my head. It is one of deep understanding for my own the unconsciousness of the past and the state of the world today. Rather than be angry and feel hate, I feel deep sorrow, regret and the desire to help make a difference.

I care deeply about the earth and have spent the past 30 years studying metaphysics, delving into the spiritual world, and opening myself up to communicating with the spiritual realms at many levels. This is my path and I love sharing my knowledge and helping others learn and grow and awaken their consciousness.

Today, when I went for a more extensive survey of the tree cutting, I saw many many more blue marks on trees closer to my property. I was alarmed! As I continue to walk the logging trail, I began to ask, " what can I do? I kept hearing the words, " for the next 7 generations". That phrase is spoken by many Native American elders and teachers who care about leaving a legacy for our children and our children's children.... for the next 7 generations. It is a way of thinking about our actions and our future.

I knew that I was being told that even though I may not be able to change anything now, I can take responsibility to write about how to honor the life of our trees and how to pray for our earth through conscious actions. I do not want to create any harm, and I do not want to upset a man who is sick who may need the money from the cutting of the tree for his living.

I continued to walk and observe and listen.

My guides brought me over to a large white pine that had been scarred by the logging trucks. Many of its upper branches were gone, and only half of its crown was left. It was clear it was going to be cut soon, so I walked up to it and wrapped my arms around it. I placed my forehead on its rough bark and connected with it. I gave thanks for its life and asked it for forgiveness on behalf of my species. I acknowledged its intelligence and felt it probably already knew it was "going down". I spoke to its spirit and told it that if it I would welcome at my property.

Thirty years ago when I began learning more about Nature Spirits, I learned how to speak with the trees. I read how to talk to the spirit of the tree before it is cut. Shortly after learning this, I had the opportunity to put that teaching into practice. My husband's parents lived in southern Virginia by a large lake. They retired there and wanted to cut down some of the trees that blocked their view to the lake. I asked if I could help by speaking with the trees. I first gave thanks for their life. Then I let them know that they were going to be cut down. I then asked them to release their spirits so the cutting could begin. I spoke this to each of the trees that were to be cut. As soon as they were made aware that they were going to be cut, I could feel the immediate release of their spirit as it moved up the trunk and out the top of the tree. I do not know where the tree spirits go to but am aware that they join another tree of the same species and family.

This knowledge is a simple thing to teach children and would be amazing to teach the woodsmen who earn their living cutting down trees and clearing land, if they would be open to it. I recognize that many are not open to such ideas and I respect that we have many different beliefs about life and nature.

I was guided to write this blog, and I hope that what I have shared will touch hearts. I hope that parents and teachers and landowners can practice this simple task... for our own lives and "for the next 7 generations" to come.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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