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Council Fires at Nature's Gate

Council Fires at Nature's Gate

September 1st will mark the third anniversary of moving onto this beautiful home at Nature's Gate. Recently a beloved friend participated in a retreat day and said that this land is the first place that he felt truly loved when he stepped foot on the property. I have heard this reflection in different ways throughout the past three years. Others have said I am "home" here.

I am in the deepest of gratitude for being sent here to steward this beautiful land. The elders greet me, the Nature Spirits sing to me through many voices of love and beauty. All who have a good heart are most welcome here and those with troubled hearts are brought here to receive love and compassion, and to re-member who they truly are.

The first year I arrived, I had a community pot luck and bonfire. I was asked by my guides to hold a "First Fire". Naturally, since it was my first year, a new beginning, a life change for me, I thought it was to celebrate the new beginning. A week prior to the gathering, I was told by spirit that the First Fire was for the First Nations. Ahhhh, but of course! My tribal spirit came alive and a greater understanding of my stewardship role began to unfold.

Since being on this property, I have been doing a lot of land clearing of the old energies. This land holds a lot of memories. As soon as I stepped onto the property, I felt many of the tribal nations greet me. I came to understand that some of these tribes were earthbound spirits who needed to move on from the earth plane. Because of war and trauma, they were still remaining... some people call these spirits "ghosts" and don't understand the nature of their experience.

These native spirits made their presence known to me and to my friends who gathered in my home the evening before the First Fire. We heard footsteps up the stairs and heard them drumming.They were getting ready to ceremony with us around the fire in the campground. We had a choice to make. Should we release them from being "earthbound" immediately, or wait until the council fire?

I have had a lot of experience with helping spirits move on. I feel very strongly that they need to be free and I knew the ones who were making their presence known were ready to be free to be with their ancient ancestors in the higher dimensions. So the small group of us who were gathered in my living room the evening before the Council Fire agreed to release them from the 4th dimensional plane. We knew they would join us around the fire to celebrate their freedom and it felt great to be of service in this way.

Our First Fire was joy-filled and those who we helped cross over celebrated with us in the dancing and drumming around the bonfire. We sang, chanted and watched the fire sparks fly up to the starry canopy.

When I received guidance to hold Second Council Fire, I was told it would be for the Star Nations. I was asked to gather in a Tipi and was showed where that was to be located. I am a good listener, and while I don't know all of the reasons for being told to do specific things on this property, I have complete Trust and follow through as best as I can. During late summer of 2017, I ordered a 22' Lakota Design Tipi from Montana and went through the process of having the poles harvested from the woods nearby the Tipi site. The woods welcomed the younger men who came to work. They worked together with their hands to fell the trees, peel off the bark, sand the poles and put up the tipi. Many joined together to help me paint the large tipi canvas and then get it up just in time to gather in sacred circle.

The Star Nations were present with us in spirit around the Tipi fire while Phaeryn Sheehan, the spiritual director with The Ascended Masters Foundation based in California, channeled Chief Joseph. We listened to his wisdom and asked questions. A common theme presented itself about the horrid opioid addiction afflicting our children and friends. He brought much needed advice to those who asked questions. After the tipi gathering, we had a wonderful community circle discussion back at the house. Those who had direct experience with children and friends with opioid addictions shared their personal stories and we were all touched through the open sharing. There was rich diversity and honesty present in the room that evening.

I was surprised that during the summer of 2017, I was shown where the Third Council Fire would be held. I was fascinated that I was being given this information more than a year ahead of the event and I began to wonder what the theme of the 2018 Council Fire would be. The location shown to me is on a small ridge up the trail from the new Tipi. When I was in the midst of trail maintenance using my lawn tractor, my attention was suddenly drawn to an opening on the land. A natural clearing had been created many years ago in the woods where foresters had made a "landing zone" for their tree harvesting. Following my intuition, I proceeded to mow a big circle so the opening was more defined.

Throughout the year, I would hike up to the ridge opening and ask the land what it wanted. I could envision a yurt and felt the central fire pit. I also felt the elder trees who surrounded the circle and standing guard along the trail ridge. There was a strong feeling of openness at the circle clearing. One evening at dusk I observed a slight view of the setting sun through the trees and felt that if there was to be a structure built on the ridge, it must have good views to the heavens above and to the trees. It felt good just to sit in the middle of the clearing with no structure to impede the views. It felt good to simply sit and feel grounded on the earth. I waited for instructions as to what was being asked of me for the Third Fire and stayed open to receiving. letting go as much as possible of any of my own "agendas".

Finally, in early July, guidance came in loud and clear. The Third Council Fire was being called for to Raise the Feminine Pillar through the gathering of the women elders. White Buffalo Calf Woman came through with the message to "put the pipe back together." I received this message as I sat in the Universal Portal with my dear friend and peace minister sister from Connecticut, Catherine Ewing. Clear directions came through regarding a weekend retreat that would include the Third Council Fire as part of a Sweat Lodge Ceremony at the ridge opening. We both knew that our wisdom was much needed and it was time to gather again.

The "dots" are getting connected. I am beginning to recognize the unfolding pattern here at Nature's Gate of the openings and closings of Council Fires. Time has a way of opening me to a deeper knowing and wisdom as this land grows in vibration. I am not separate from the land. I have a deep and ancient knowing of this Oneness. As I continue to be in my listening, I want to share that it takes a lot of courage, patience and faith to walk this path of not knowing, but of trusting what I am given. This brings me deep humility and expanded love. I know that I an not singular in this understanding and that we must gather together in community to create more of a container that sustains us.

I recognize that these council fires are created in community and I have wise women sisters whose wisdom I trust. So, I am currently in the process of gathering their wisdom and co-operating together in our listening for this upcoming Third Council Fire. This year we will learn how to build a wigwam and create lodge together to deepen the wisdom and the remembering of wisdom of the women elders. May Great Mother continue to guide our way !

AHO, Little Eagle Feather / Elandara

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