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Blessed Tree Tincture Trials

updated from March entry

The backstory

Prior to moving to upstate NY, I received a vision and direction to create a tincture. I had a sense that this tincture could help many women with gynecological issues and felt the magnitude that could have.

I don't consider myself to be an herbalist, and because the vision was more visceral than spoken, I was not ready to begin making the tincture. I have studied with other herbalists, have taken tinctures as prescribed by my naturopath and have been greatly assisted by them. However, this was an entirely new experience for me, so I took my time to let the vision unfold.

After moving to Nature's Gate, I began to seek out other healing centers in the area and was drawn to one that is in my town of Greenwich. I went to a message circle with a lovely channel, Olivia. She looked straight at me and a strong authoritative male voice spoke through her and asked "Have you make that medicine yet?" Startled, but knowingly, I said said, "Not yet." I knew he was referring to the vision I had received and that directive motivated me to proceed. Two months later, the tincture was ready and Olivia had another message circle that I attended. After everyone had their reading, we had a question and answer period. When it came to my turn, I said that I had made the medicine and wondered if there were further instructions. The same male voice came through and said rather curtly, "Have you tried it yet?" I said that I had for myself. His response was that my body was different and other people had to try it as well.

The expansion of the formula

So, that was the initial launch of the Blessed Tree Tincture Trials. In June of 2017, I called on Olivia for another consultation as it felt like the tincture needed something else. As we sat and tuned in, it was revealed that we needed to add one of my high vibrational portal essences to the formula. We did this together immediately and felt the fullness of that addition. The Ascension Activation essence added an expansive uplifting light to the grounding element provided by the tree tincture. It filled out the formula by raising its vibration exponentially.

The vision

My big vision for this tincture is to be able to offer it either free or at a very minimal cost. I am looking for individuals who would like to trial the tincture as well as herbalists, naturopaths, and others in the profession of healing and complementary medicine to assist with these trials so we can develop a good base of information about the effectiveness of the tincture. I have developed waiver forms, instructions and a system to log the feedback data and have sent bottles to some of my friends who are on the "Trial Team".

To my knowledge, there is very little information about this particular tincture There is information about the biochemical effectiveness of essential oils made with this type of tree. I used it when I began to contract vaginitis and it worked immediately to relieve the symptoms. Preliminary trials to date show that it has been effective in aiding joint and muscular pain and stiffness. It is now being trialed to aid those with PSTD.

If you are interested in participating with these trials, please contact me. As more information is collected, we will update our information and be able to offer more substantial information as to how this Blessed Tree Tincture may continue to bless others with its medicine.

LIght in the Forest

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