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11:11 Ascension Portal ~ Full Moon gathering

November 11

7 -8:30pm

 $20 donation

Monday, November 11th is a portal opening that occurs yearly on 11:11 and is known as an Ascension Gateway.

This portal is particularly special to me and I have been celebrating and participating in ceremony on this date since 1991.This event was my awakening into understanding myself as a being of light ~ a "Star Being" ~ The numerology of 11:11 represents Mastery and is a "pre-encoded" awakening within our DNA pattening.  Some people begin to see the 11:11 on their cloche and find that it begins to appear everywhere. This "phenomena" comes from within your consciousness and leads you into a greater understanding of who you are and why you are here. 

During this gateway, there are particularly alignments with the cosmos that create amplified fields of light to assist in our awakening consciousness.  This awakening is part of our ascension out of the 3D density into the higher frequencies of the 5th dimensional crystalline light. People around the world connect during this time to connect more deeply with our "star families" and with our divine mission so we can full embody this light here on earth.

Join Elandara around the sacred fire in the Main House for spirit guided ceremony and meditation for our personal growth and for all beings.  You are welcome to bring an object for the altar, a poem or prayer to share.

Please note that this ceremony will be occurring within the energies of  tNovember's Full Moon which occurs in our time zone on November12th sun the early morning. Our 11:11 gathering will be our Full Moon gathering for this month.

New Moon gathering

November 26, Tuesday

7 -8:30pm

 $20 donation

Join us for planting new seeds of growth during  our New Moon Gathering for November. Let us join together during this Thanksgiving season in Meditation with deep gratitude for all that we have and all that we are choosing to manifest in our lives.

RSVP Elandara 860-543-3302  

(To those of you who have been using my landline number (518) to contact me, I am now asking you to connect with me through my mobile phone. Thank you)

December events

Full Moon Gathering

December 12, Thursday

7 -8:30pm

 $20 donation

During the Full Moon Gathering in December, we will take time to reflect upon our growth and fullness during this year and listen to our hearts calling for what is ready to release and what is wanting to be received for the fullness of your life's passions and dreams.  Elandara will lead you in a spirit guided meditation to assist with this process as we gather around the Sacred Fire in the Main House Gathering space. 

Winter Solstice Celebration and Pot Luck

December 21, Saturday, 

6 :00pm  -  10:00pm 

 $20 donation

 You are invited to gather together at Natures Gate Retreat Center our annual Winter Solstice Celebration.

This is one of the. most special times of the year as we join together in Ceremony and Celebration to honor the return of the light.  The Winter Solstice is the tine of the shortest, a time when we are aligned with the Center of our Galaxy and enter into a big inbreathe, when time stands still.  During our ceremony , we will  connect with the planetary alignment with The Great Central sun and with Alpha and Omega.  We shall journey together into the still point of the void and the beautiful silence of our hearts where we can find deep peace, new beginnings / the light within, and the purity and innocence of a newly born child.

Bring a pot luck dish to share, and please RSVP so we can plan the evenings event.

RSVP Elandara 8600-643-3302  (mobile text or leave message)


Customized Personal Retreats with Elandara

Are you needing renewal? Do you feel stuck? Looking for time and space for your spiritual and personal growth? Natures Gate Retreat Center is the perfect place for you. Elandara will work with you to provide a customized retreat to suit your needs. Combining intuitive counseling, hands on angelic healing, flower essence consultations and customized formulas, and the gentle love and nurturing guidance of a masterful teacher and healer.

For a more detailed description of the services offered, go to the Healing Arts and Products link.


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