Workshops and Events

 Monthly New and Full Moon Events

 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

August events

Thursday, August 11, Full Moon in Aquarius

August 27, New Moon

 see full 2022  monthly Schedules and description below

 Special  September Event

for  12 Women

( 5 slots open register now to save $100)


Embody Awakening

An Enlightened Embodiment  Retreat


The Sanctuary at Natures's Gate

September 28 - October 2nd

Are you ready to fully immerse yourself in the creative process

of inquiry into your true nature?

The Sanctuary at Nature's Gate is awaiting your arrival.

Enter into the Sacred Land

The Sanctuary at Nature's Gate welcomes you into the Heart of  Beingness

Be surrounded by crystal clear energies

returning "home" to your true nature.

Elandara and Jayaprabha will be your guides throughout this 

retreat, offering a refined style of enlightenment inquiry 

that takes you into the nature of your being on the land and 

inquiry through walking contemplation, creative expression,

silence and the joy of living your most authentic Self.

Let's take the next step into 

Embodying Awakening!

Who Am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

          The Sanctuary at Nature's Gate is an exquisite 80-acre property in upstate New York.

When you arrive, a deep sense of peace and being home surrounds you.

This amazing land will embrace, nurture and teach you as you enter into your discovery.

Immerse yourself into the unknown

and allow the deepest part of your being to reveal itself.

          Gently guided embodiment practices such as Transformational Movement, Yoga, Art, Music, Writing,                

Song and Dance open your hearts and enliven your soul.

Accommodations vary from indoor shared rooms (limited to first registrants), rustic dorm-style beds

or outdoor camping (bring your own gear). 

This residential retreat is limited to a total of 12 participants 

It has been designed for you to maintain intimacy

and to support your personal growth.

Dates/ times

 Wednesday, August 28   ~ 2-4pm  arrival

Sunday, October 2nd ~ 1:00pm departure


Pricing And registration  $750 

 Save $100 for Early  Registrtion

 offer ends August 31st.

Register NOW ~ 5 slots available.

Includes all meals, accommodations, and events.

Send your deposit  of  $325 to Elandara

 final balance due prior to arrival by Sept 15.

To register, contact Elandara

860-543-3302 cell

518-531-4592 landline

To view more photos of the location, visit the  Nature's Gate website below:


Read our refund policy below


New and Full Moon Events

2022  Schedule ~ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

August 27, New Moon

September 10,  Full Moon

September 25, New Moon

October 9, Full Moon

October 25, New Moon

November 8, Full Moon

November 25, New Moon

December 7, Full Moon

December 28, New Moon


You are invited to The Sanctuary at Natures Gate for  our New and Full Moon Sacred Circles. Each moon cycle has its unique quality that aids us in following the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth mother.  The circle is led by Elandara who welcomes all participants to open their hears  as we all in the opening circle. As we gather around the Sacred Fire, we focus our attention on the particular qualities of each moon cycle with deep listening.  We follow a sacred Native American tradition of  passing the talking stick  to listen to our inner truth that wants to be shared in the moment from the quiet deep space in our sacred heart. We respect the voices of those in the circle as we listen creating an open space to be heard. There is no cross talk or discussion about "right and wrong". In the sharing, we are all nourished and uplifted.

Elandara leads a drum journey that is guided by Great Spirit and is informed by the consciousness of the participants in the circle. This is a magic time to allow guidance to come through for balance, inspiration and growth. You are invited to bring a drum, a rattle or sacred object for the altar and to play with us in ceremony. This is a very magical time for Great Spirit to guide our way. We weave our truth into the web of life as we honor the deep listening and sharing that occurs in these Sacred Circle Gatherings.

During the warm months, our gatherings are held outside. Our circles move indoors around the wood stove when it gets colder. 

Invitations to join in these sacred circles are sent out for each of the individual gatherings. Contact Elandara to be added to the invite list if you are not already on it.

Guests are welcome but please have them register so we can set up the circle for those who RSVP.

A requested donation  of $20 helps support the ongoing activities at Nature's Gate. (pay "at the door", via Venmo, or by check made payable to "Elandara Anderson")



860-543-3302 mobile



In Person Customized  Retreats with Elandara   

at The sanctuary at Natures Gate

Elandara is here to support you and explore the most opportune personal retreat and receive support for your awakening consciousness. We can set up a phone call or a zoom chat and create your own personalized retreat.


Are you needing renewal? Do you feel stuck? Looking for time and space for your spiritual and personal growth? Natures Gate Retreat Center is the perfect place for you. Elandara will work with you to provide a customized retreat to suit your needs. Combining intuitive counseling, hands on angelic healing, flower essence consultations and customized formulas, and the gentle love and nurturing guidance of a masterful teacher and healer.

 Detailed description of services offered by Elandara see: 

 Healing Arts and Products link.

Learn more about The Sanctuary at Nature's Gate


Refund Policy

Once you have sent your money, you are agreeing to a commitment of attending one of our retreats. We are holding space for you and grateful for your contribution that allows us to run these events, and offer our services. Unless there are exceptional circumstances that you are not able to attend,  your money is nonrefundable and non transferable to other retreats or services. We greatly appreciate your understanding of this policy and we look forward to your particip