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Crystal Singing Pyramids

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Sacred Geometry of the ancient pyramids and the harmonics of optically clear quartz crystal create amazing healing vibrations.  They can be used for sound healing, for meditations, for musical recordings,  therapeutic work.  They are wonderful for  clearing and energizing.  These crystal singing pyramids are assisting with activating the new patterning from the cosmos and  assist with grounding these energies into our consciousness.
Available in a range of sizes from 3" to  26'"  The larger the size, the deeper the harmonic.   Smaller sizes carry a lighter, bell tone while the larger sizes create a range of harmonic signatures from deep base tones combined with warm heart centered and bell tones depending on where you tap the crystal rods. 


Each pyramid comes with a suede strap for holding or hanging and a crystal handle striker

Carrying Cases for the larger sizes 10" - 14.5" are available and are beautifully made with shoulder straps, fully lined and padded interior and a water resistant outer cover. There is a small side pocket for the crystal striker. Set up a sound healing session with E;andara or attend one of her workshops to experience these beautiful harmonic instruments. 



         Pyramid Pricing

       call to confirm pricing

Size            Price              Shipping

3"                 $105               $25

5"                 $150               $25

6"                 $175               $35

7"                 $225               $35

8"                 $250               $35

9"                 $300               $35

10"               $350               $35            

11"               $400               $35

12"               $450               $45

14.5"            $599               $45

17.5"            $859               $55

22"               $4,500           Quote

26"               $5,500           Quote


6" pyramid - Elandara
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8" pyramid - Elandara
00:00 / 00:00
12"pyramid - Elandara
00:00 / 00:00

Contact Elandara to place your order and to confirm pricing.  Prices are subject to change - sometimes in your favor as the market varies.


  *   Please indicate size and quantity in your message and the ship to address so we can confirm shipping pricing.  

    Pyramids come with a crystal handle striker, but can be shipped with a swead striker if requested.

Most pyramids are in stock and will ship within a week of your order.


We accept credit cards through Paypal or a bank check if you are placing your first order.  

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